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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Amber's new pets

Amber's very fond of the kois and guppies at home. Every morning and evening, she'll feed the fish with hubs.

Fish, fish, hungry or not ? Wait ah.. I feed you ah...

Despite that she has not even taken her morning milk yet !

We have 8 small kois in our pond and last Sunday, hubs and Amber bought 5 more kois from Carrefour. Amber chose them.

Amber helping 'abang' choose the kois

5 new additions to the family

Eager and happy with her new 'pets'

In fact, Amber loves dogs and we are thinking of getting one for her one day but there's so many issues to address : size of the dog, hygiene, cleanliness, safety, security and who'll tend to the dog when we go back to hubs hometown. We settled for fish instead and that alone takes up a lot of work, we have to change water, wash filter, add salt, chlorine and the list goes on. Tell you the truth, I don't know how to manage and maintain the fish pond and don't think I want to learn either. I've had bad experiences with fish before, many years ago, when my father was visiting my brother overseas, he left the goldfishes under my care, they 'died-ed' after 1 week. lol !
So, I'd rather leave the fish and water feature to Amber, hubs and my maid. For me, I'd rather experiment more cakes and new recipes... fei sei lor.... hahaha !