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Monday, October 1, 2012

Some people whom you'll never forget

A friend's kid, a keen rhythmic gymnast recently joined one of the elite squads. For purpose of anonymity, I wouldn't post names of places here.

The coach..produces medalist for our country and she is, no doubt the most sought after RG coach in the country.

Out of the blue.. my friend whatsapped me y'day with her side profile photo.. taken from afar. She asked if I knew who she was.

Of course I do, at any angle and also that she has doubled in weight, I do remember her.

She was my class teacher in Standard 2. I admit, I wasn't the brightest of student. I wasn't her pet either.
I remembered my Standard 2 teacher more than any other teacher because...

... she was Ms Mean.. the mean teacher who drew cat's whiskers on our face. For reasons I do not remember. I also do not recall being a bad student either. I had no disciplinary issues and perhaps I talked too much or didn't do my homework. Ohhh.. Ms Mean drew whiskers on our face to punish us.

... Ms Mean also tested us on our multiplication.. 2x2, 3x2.. and so forth.. She had the better students test us on the multiplications. If we got the answer wrong, the better student had the authority to smack our palms with a ruler.

Such are the inhumane actions of Ms Mean. I didn't complain to my parents then and I made sure I quickly rubbed away the cats whiskers before I went home. Looking back, what she did would be so wrong, wrong that it'll make headlines in the papers.. to demean and draw on a pupils face ?

I told my friend to please walk up to Ms Mean and tell her.. I do remember her, very well, especially for the whiskers she drew on my face and the slaps the students received from her as a punishment.

Of course, my friend didn't do that.. her daughter was chided as being too fat for the RG team and was asked to lose 2kg immediately. I told my friend to seriously consider if she wants Ms Mean to mental torture mentor her daughter.

If I have a chance to meet her, I would walk up to her and applaud her contributions to Malaysia's RG sports and also to thank her for a job well done, drawing perfect cats whiskers on our face.

30 years on, Ms Mean has more than doubled in size and unmarried.

My friend says she looks like Shrek !