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Friday, April 24, 2009

She Like Dancing

She just loves dancing, she really does, and to any kind of music. At shopping centers when there's loud music blasting, you can't stop her from shaking her bum-bum.. and she doesn't care when we shout :

Amber !!! Let's go.. we are leaving ! Amber ! YeYe MaMa waiting.. Amber faster !!

until we just walk away.... then from a distance, she'll come running.

Sometimes it's kinda embarassing when the shoppers stop to see her dancing in public.

I caught a video of her in the act the other day... my little girl will dance anywhere, at home, in the car, shopping center, on stage, just anywhere, as long as there's MUSIC and any kind of music will make her shake her bum bum...

Should I send her for dancing class ? Hubs said forget about ballet, she doesn't have the grace for it.. muahahahaha !