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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prices Gone Up The Moon

A bulk of Amber's expenses goes to her infant formulas. From the day she was born, I had wanted to give her the best formula, apart from my miserable-considered-failed breastfeeding attempt of 6 weeks. I did a checking then on the best formula in the market then Dr Jeremy told me Aiya, they are all the same, just packaging lah.. take the cheapest, you know how much money you can save or not ?

So, I gave her Snow, formula from Australia/New Zealand. Then came the big eczema flare up. I changed to hypoallergenic milk, very expensive and yet I didn't see much improvement. Isomil was next, her eczema improved slightly but I was told children on soy milk tend to lose baby fats faster and may not want to drink milk for long, because of the raw soy taste, they might just drop milk off their choice of drinks. Again I was worried and gave her Pediasure.
All these infant formulas costs a bomb. The prices seems to be going up and up and up!

While shopping one day, I came across these brands that I GREW UP DRINKING !! Mom used to buy the big 2/2.5kg tins :

There's milk powder available for 1+ and 3+. I prefer the original flavour. The moment Amber hits 3, I changed her 'formula' to 'milk powder' and it cost only a fraction (one third actually !!!) of the formulas. It has the necessary DHA,AHA, ARA,SA and many many more nutrients.

I hope I need not pay for expensive formulas anymore.

She's 3 now, I think cutting her expenses for diapers and formulas will save us some money for her kindie and music classes.