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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Day of Sorts !

Happy Mother's Day to all !
I had a very busy day (busy is nothing new nowadays). Hubs asked what I'd like, where I'd like to eat for breakfast, dinner etc. Basically he just wants to make sure I'm happy but whadaya know.. this Mom's Day, we did everything but celebrate. I'm just happy as it is, even though we had a busy peasy weekend, alls well with the 3 of us and Amber came home with a pot of handmade cardboard flowers from the school and hubs did squeeze in the little extra surprise of a card and mug ! I got a mug last year and this, I think soon I'll have a collection of Mother's Day mugs to blog about :D :D... The excitement isn't  about receiving the gift but how father and daughter hides the 'surprise' from me.  Tell Amber a secret and she'll tell the whole wide world it's a secret. SECRET. S-E-C-R-E-T !!!   Few days ago, I came out from the shower and heard father and daughter 'chee chee chum chum' in the study. I peeked in and Amber waved a 'no - no' .. OK.. I know a surprise is in order for me.. and she must be writing me a Mother's Day message..  Then.. the gift.. where's the gift ? In moments like this, best to act dumb and act really dumb dumb, I mean very very DUMB when the girl asks you to guess the present ??? She'll give out very OBVIOUS clues but noooo.. I have to be very dumb, to the point of not knowing my spelling (she gives out clues in alphabets) or even not knowing English ! She'll ask "YOU GUESS MUMMY!! It starts with "M".".. the glee in her face, I laugh just even thinking about it.

Then.. the next secret.. Where is the pressie hidden ? Very easy.. anywhere around house that she tells you 'NOT TO ENTER'  is a BIG giveaway but again, act DUMB and play along. That's the job of a mother. She even blocked the walkway with a big bean bag when I wasn't looking.  LOL !!! Sigh.. I hope she'll make things as exciting for me for many years to come :D

The day came and went with many events. Never had I met so many friend, relatives and schoolmates within 24 hours.

Started with cathing Thor at Mid Valley on Saturday morning. Hubs been wanting to watch Thor. We puchased tickets on the spot, 2 rows from front. I had a stiff neck looking 'up' and slept halfway through the movie. In the evening, we attended Ken and Ember's wedding at Carcosa. Ken was our emcee at our wedding reception 10 years ago and we felt honored to be invited to his very private wedding, a small do, a small crowd of personal friends and relatives. We left Amber's at Sharon's. I didn't think it was appropriate to bring Amber along and when I saw rose petals strewn over the hard wood flooring, I knew I did the right thing. I laughed as hubs and I imagined Amber will be running around picking rose petals and I'd be like a mad woman chasing and shouting at him not to.  The wedding reception was a small do, a very intimate affair, food was awesome and we really enjoyed the evening with the 'gym kakis' - the group of friends from the Flamingo gym where I met hubs.

During the dinner, I received a phone call from second aunt. Aunt #1 was admitted to hospital for mild heart attack and internal bleeding due to long term aspirin dosage. I could only visit her the following day as IJN had restricted visiting hours.

I went home and prepared some mango pudding and cupcakes for my friends who was coming over on Sunday. Although only a small gathering with kids, the agenda was 'cupcake decoration' . I had planned something interesting for the kids to get busy with while we chatted over tea. Amber even planned a prize for the best decorated cupcake.

I checked my mail around midnight and read that my bestie's father had passed away on Friday night. She sent a chat message to me the day before and assumed it had reached me.

On Sunday morning, I informed the rest and plans changed. Tea time at my place was called off and they went for Uncle Roland's wake.

I visited my aunt at IJN, kids weren't allowed and I had to leave Amber at the reception with hubs, when it was hubs turn to visit my aunt, Amber cried (rolling on the floor). I promised Amber we'll try again in the evening when kids are allowed in the ward but but.. I had so many things to do (attend wake, prepare for Monday's presentation, get gift for guest speaker ... etc) and I knew I could not make it back in the evening.

A quick thought and I smuggled Amber up. The guards didn't allow her into the lift up to 3rd floor but they didn't block the stairway. We sneaked up (and I hope no one from IJN is reading this !!). Amber gave Kor-Mah a get well card and I met up with my aunts from the Tan side. We quickly left before the staffs found us out.

Had a quick lunch in McDonalds Cheras. It was 1pm and the McD was packed with the value lunch crowd. Fortunately, I bumped into my father's friend who was almost finishing and he kept his table for me. Hubs also bumped into a family friend from Tampin. Small world.

Went to the wake. I thought I'll be ok but I shed tears. I've known Jo and her family since Form 1. We've been to her father's restaurant - Futo Curry House at Chinatown many times during our school days. Over the years, her father saw us grow up, get married, had kids and he always knew what was going on in our lives. He may not recall our names but we are recognized by where we live. I am the Ampang girl, EeLeen is the Damansara girl and Suit Ling is the Jalan Ipoh girl. :D.  Uncle Roland, in his younger years, reminded me of Sylvester Stallone and he is, larger than life. I last saw him during Chinese New Year and it's very heartbreaking to see him reduced to a 'man in pain', Jo's family had an endearing time, caring for him till his last moments. I shed tears as I bid goodbye even though I know he relieved of pain now and his sufferings are over.

We then went to Ikea to get some stuff for a guest presenter tomorrow. Came home at 8pm and had instant noodles for dinner. Quick, easy and allergy free for Amber. Nothing fancy but 3 of us together, happy and healthy was more than I could ask for until I got a surprise call from my sis. Father fell down yesterday and hit his face on the concrete stairs. His face was quite swollen but has now subsided a bit. I felt very guilty, attending to affairs of relatives and friends and not being home for dinner tonight.

I consoled myself that there's nothing to worry about. Called him and 'warned' that he is to call us for any accidents happening at home, emergency or not.

Life's busy eh ??? All this happening in the span of less than 24 hours.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Amber's 5th Birthday - 22 April 2011

We celebrated her birthday with the inlaws at Madam Kwans, Mid Valley. It's our family ritual to celebrate at Mdm Kwans but no complains since Amber likes the fried chicken very much and it's allergy free - no eggs, no dairy.
It was a school day like usual, she goes to school and amidst our busy day, I reminded hubs not to make any appointment and to pick her up early from the childminders. I did prepare a box of cupcakes for her to celebrate with her friends at childminder's but she did not finish her lunch and the candle blowing-cake sharing episode was called off, she came back with a box of cakes and a sad face :(  but that didn't last for long before we dressed her up in a pink gown, couriered all the way from Perth. Thanks KY, Mike, Lauren, Owen !!!

She looked very regal that evening, in the pink 'wedding like' gown. She didn't want to fasten her seat belt in the car for fearing of 'crumpling' her gown :D

Yuen Wen cheh cheh gave her a big big birthday hug !

 She had her fried whole leg. No rice, just chicken for the birthday princess.

Yuen Wen gave her a beauty set !!! So timely as she asked me to buy her a vanity mirror but I refused (firstly, it's costly, around RM40 and the mirror is made of glass, not safe)

Here's Little Ms Vainpot fishing out each item from her beauty set :

The in laws ordered a durian cheesecake from Secret Recipes with Ben 10 edible image. I seriously think Secret Recipe should restock their edible image. Firstly, there wasn't many choice and the Ben10 image below is not very Ben 10, except for the 'Ben 10' logo but the cake was good. Very creamy and delish and durian pulps tasted fresh too.

Amber couldn't have the cakes but I got some cupcakes for her. She's happy just to have us sing her a birthday song and blowing the candles

To make up for her cake, we treated her to a Gelatissimo sorbet at The Gardens.

Lipsmacking goody stuff ! Better than cakes !

Happy 5th Birthday !

The Cousins Are Back

My brother and his family was back from Australia during the Easter break. His 3 girls, 3 wonderful, jolly and happy girls were back to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore for a 2 week break.

Their trip coincided with Amber's birthday on 22 April 2011.
My nieces - Sharlene, Rosalyn and Natalie.

We did a small pre-bday celebration for Amber as it's such a rare opportunity to have the cousins around at this time of the year.

We had dinner at SKH Riverview  at 6 & 8 Lorong Embun 2, Kuala Ampang, Hulu Klang, Ampang. 
We like their giant tilapia -  'fei chau' fish here, done in various styles - teochew steam, ginger sauce, choy poh or sweet and sour.  We ordered sweet and sour and they fillet the fish before cooking so it's really easy to feed the kids boneless fei chau fillet.

 seong tong lala
 pork belly with salted fish
 baby bok choy with garlic

Actually there's a few more nice dishes.. the butter prawns were awesome but I always forget to take pics of food that comes halfway when I'm eating.. typically moi - always forget to take food that comes late !~

I had made some cupcakes meant for her celebration at the childminders but since the cousins were in town, we whacked these cuppies first and I made extra later in the night. She wanted princess cuppies and had requested for her favourites - Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Belle... the whole long list but I'll always remember the cute look of hers when she described to me how she wants her cake to be like and naming the Disney princess one by one. I found the edible images at BWY (phew!!!) and she helped me bake and decorate the allergy free cuppies.

The birthday princess !!

We asked her to make a wish and she closed her eyes and whispered, mumbled. My brother said the wishes are meant to be a secret and she quickly mumbled to me :

She wants a scooter for her birthday and a yoyo car for her 6th birthday !

That's Amber. If you'd tell her it's a 'secret', she'll want to share immediately :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

Last few weeks has been hectic.

but life's been good.....

Few friends been asking why I never comment in their blogs or FB or why I never comment at all.
Busy-lah.. that's the typical answer I always give. I don't think anyone would want to hear the whole nine yards on what's been happening and I don't think I can repeat it over and over again, so if I've not been visiting your blogs or FB.. ampun maaf !

I've been blessed with many good friends and the last month, I've caught up with a few of my close schoolmates, pals since primary school.

A good friend from Perth visited us. She hasn't been back for more than 15 years and we caught up like how it was since school. That's the best thing about childhood friends from school, you can miss each other and not be in touch for years and years forth.. but when we meet, it's just like the old days.

Went to Langkawi with the hubs side (again !!!!!). Never get tired of this unassuming island. Lots of interesting place to fine dine and shop. MIL went with us this time and we did the touristy stuff like going to Oriental Village and getting up the cable car.

The brother and family came visiting too. Miss my nieces. Bless them. Came with lots of pressies for Amber and a whole basket load of cheese for hubs and me.

We went Malacca too. The first family trip and hopefully many many more trips to come. Poor ole Father can't walk much and didn't join us to the A' Famosa fort but he was the lucky one who didn't get sunburnt. Amber, my niece and me had to take the beca back to Jonkers Street. An experience we'll never forget.

Then came Amber's birthday. Something happened, very p***** and I'd rather not talk about how anal some people can be BUT bless that girl, she has so many pressies from friends, relatives and friends abroad. Been wanting to throw a birthday party but... next year I'll try again.. I promise.. the birthday party will come.. just .. 'one fine day'.

Something happened at work too. A pleasant surprise for hubs and me and a good opportunity for us and our clients. That kept us very busy.. hubs had up to 4 appointments on good days.

Bestie from London was back for Easter holidays and I only met up with her twice. She's busy. I'm busy. Enough said !

I went to Kuching to visit a dear friend. Went with another dear friend. My 'dear friends' are friends from school whom I've known since Primary 1. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay in meow meow land (as Amber calls it) and we've promised to do this girlie trip more frequent. I mean.. .. how often issit that I can go back to the hotel at 9pm and laze and sleep before midnight ? Or taking only 10 minutes to get ready for breakfast.
I've hinted to hubs I'll be going for more girlie trips  :D  ... you need to see the sad look on his face, can't say 'NO' and he kept telling me the home is very hollow without my nagging.. :D :D :D

Now.. I'm back to blogging and will be filling my future posts with what I've been busy about !

Life is Great  (San Francisco Coffee's tag - our favourite coffee !)