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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maydelyn's update

Little M turned 1 month old on 1 April.

Over 4 weeks of confinement care and rest, mummy recuperated and Lil M progressed in growth.

Her updates at 1 month :
- weight increased to 4.6kg
- longer waking hours, sometimes to 2 hours at a stretch
- able to turn her head from left to right
- look at close objects and able to see eye to eye with us.
- poo every day and longest stretch is once in 2 days.

My confinement was a breeze. I already psycho-ed myself to accept my CL as she is. I don't want a stressful confinement like I did with Amber and changed 3 confinement ladies. This current CL is not without fault but nobody's perfect and constantly remind myself to **breath in ... breath out** whenever something doesn't go my way. After all, confinement is only 28 days. I'll tell her if I don't like her doing things her way (like rinsing baby's bottle with hot water and reusing them in the middle of the night) and she's been accommodating to my wishes and demands. Before she left, I asked for a night off to watch Ip Man at the cinemas with Amber and hubs. She sent me off with an early dinner and told me to 'let loose' a bit before the real hard work comes in when she leaves. Overall, she's a good CL and I wished I had known her earlier when I had Amber. Amber loved her to bits too, she was a great help with Amber's chinese homework. I cried when she left, so did Amber. We promised to pay her a visit at Bentong when Lil M is bigger and more travel friendly.

We had a hard time settling her to bed when the CL left. She whined all night, not because she wanted to play but she was just whining with her eyes closed.  The lightbulb idea came after second night on our own, we remembered swaddling Amber as a baby and we did the same to M.  Hubs has the honour of bundling her like an ikan bakar and that did the trick.  She whined less and slept better, despite crying for milk every 3 hours. She is, afterall, an infant....

We hosted a small luncheon to celebrate her one month. Family and close friends were invited to join us in our joyous occasion. Lil M behaved well, slept mostly through lunch despite the sound and commotion.

I did not do much planning for the party and left it to Barb - my crafty friend to spruce up the place for me. She made buntings for the restaurant :

Joanna of Confections made these lovely cupcakes for Lil M and they were snapped up as soon as it was served :

Lil M's full moon party was also a reunion and gathering for my family members, friends and relatives.  Indeed a joyous occasion for all of us.

She slept like a baby but woke up when the guests left and I present her.. Lil M at 1 month old , with the 'smug' look :

Happy Full Moon M. Stay healthy always, there's a whole big adventure ahead of you.