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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Amber and her kakak

Nowadays Amber knows how to 'complain' and I am proud of her. I'll know if she's being bullied by kakak.

Makes me wonder why they'd apply to be a maid if they hated the job so much. Mine hates taking care of children and that's my biggest issue with her. I once asked her, if you don't like to take care of children, what do you like to do ?

She said : I like to cook but I don't know how to cook and I like to take care of dogs ! Sei mou ?

If I leave Amber with her while I take a shower, I'll have Amber screaming for me in less than 5 minutes. I envy moms whose maids are a real helping hand.

Last weekend Amber complained to mil and her maid while I went for Ching Ming prayers with hubs :

Kakak say I am lazy ! Kakak say I lazy wor ??

MIL investigated the cause and it was because Amber didn't want to sit down and play jigsaw puzzle with her. My maid must have got irritated with Amber running around, not wanting to sit still and called her 'lazy' !

The moment I came home and Amber ran to me, she quickly disappears to the kitchen to help our aunty to cook lunch... and that's not her job. She'd rather peel potatoes than look after Amber. So sad, isn't it ? I don't think Amber is that difficult a child to look after but my maid can't wait to handsoff her everytime. That's why I'll never leave her alone at home with the maid, not even for 5 minutes.

MIL was also concerned with the maid and made sure she 'pass' Amber to me before she left home. We can't risk her alone with the maid, not even for a while, for she might 'handsoff' her anytime and no one keeping an eye on her.

Since the day she arrived, she's been annoying Amber till no end.

When Amber does a 'big poo poo' , she'll say things like 'your nggg nggg.. eee yer.. so smelly .. sooooo smelly er...' My god! the poor little girl was already constipating to tears and the maid walks around singing the song in a jest to annoy her. Wouldn't anyone be mad ?

She likes to make 'monkey faces' at Amber. From the day she arrives till now, she always scare Amber with a funny expression and screams EEEE ! EEEE ! I was at my wits trying to explain to her on making herself chummy with Amber, she should be more lively and cheerful and avoid all funny expression to annoy a child. She don't understand ! and so I said : How about if your father did that to you ? EEEE ! EEEE ! bleak (imitate her monkey face expression) ! YOU LIKE OR NOT ???

When I bought sticker books for Amber, she'll tear and sticks them all up, annoying the poor little girl again. I have to warn her those books are for my daughter, not you!
When I 'spy' through her stuff, I found my daughters stickers on her diary. Sei mou ? Maybe I should get her some sticker books.

Once they were fighting and Amber pulled her hair, she pulled Amber's hand away in return and twisted her wrist, the poor girl came crying and said:

kakak so naughty, make my hand pain !

I reprimanded my little girl for pulling kakak's hair but in my heart, I felt there is no need to pull her hand so hard.

Really pengsan, both of them are always like cats and dogs fighting. I hope I get a better maid next time around.