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Monday, April 20, 2009

Her half pot and my half pot

Am home today to do some project work. I have time to cook a nice dinner and I made black bean soup with pork ribs. I've asked the maid to boil soup twice but always turns out to be disaster, soup either too watery or boiled too late in the evening and tasteless.

Since I am home today, cannot go wrong right ? Gave her simple instructions.. fry beans, add red dates and boil half a pot for 3 hours. I have a fairly big pot and half a pot of water is just nice.. just let it simmer and reduced water. For 3 of us (me, hubs, maid), it's just enough.

I can smell the aroma of roasted black beans and I went to check. Yikes, how come 3/4 pot ? and that's exluding the ribs, which are still defrosting.

She looks at me, I look at her..

Maam,, half pot, add beans already 3/4 pot ..

My 3/4 pot soup simmering.

Alls not lost yet, I'm home, I can jaga api the whole afternoon and flavour my soup the way I like it.

Makes me think, must be my fault for not being specific enough to tell her to add beans, pork and water till half pot. Miss sotong put half pot water, add beans and pork, it'll be more than 3/4 pot. Common sense will tell, just the 3 of us, how to finish such a big pot of water .. errr soup ?

Tsk, tsk, must remind myself again to be very specific, esp on soups.. she just can't get it.