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Saturday, April 18, 2009

An evening with the gym kakis

Last Wed, the Gym Kaki had another meet up/makan session. This time we met at CK's very nice and modern apartment at Duo Residency, a very nice and upmarket residency. Although located next to Jalan Tun Razak, you don't feel congested at all, the open space and common areas are very spacious and security's pretty neat too. Being there makes me want to move back to a condo but was told the units are all at RM800 per sqft and above.. *whoot*

We had dinner at Delicious, which is visible along Jalan Tun Razak with it's tall glass and spacious layout.

The little fart did not have any dinner, she monkeyed around, and lean on the chair, as if flying like an aeroplane.

Entrance to Delicious
All 8 of us had different dishes but there's a few worth noting :

Hubs had sirloin steak, a perfect rare piece. The steak was well browned on the outside and still very rare and juicy on the insides.

Another tantalizing, lamb cutlets

I was feeling hungry so I had seafood linguini, I needed the pasta as fillers. Very good, portion looks small but very filling. The prawns and squids were done just nice and I can taste a tinge of pesto on the sauce.

I always look forward to makan session with the gym kakis. The group has sort of 'disbanded', we have our own commitments, some are travelling, some are young parents and cannot commit to the minimum 3 times weekly gym (yes, we were fanatics then). Maybe we should call ouselves makan kakis now.. hahahahahahaha....