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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guest Dancer at Westin

Last weekend, we attended Alan & Ai Lee's wedding. Amber had the most fun. As usual, she'll be restless after a couple of minutes and we were at the foyer for cocktail reception for an hour. She was getting very very restless and I was even more restless having to chase her around and get her to behave.

Well, dinner started and I kept her busy with crayons and chocolates. The chocolates were most yummy and delicious. I let her down and dance during the toasting session. They popped the champagne and the cork hit me ,,, how lucky can I be ? Amber took the cork and danced around with it, as if it was her mike. She went on stage and danced and danced, the emcee gave her a round of applause. ... lol... When dinner was almost ending and desert came, I wanted to bring her down, I had to threaten her by leaving her behind... she said,, "FINISH THE SONG FIRST! FINISH THE SONG FIRST !!".. she clearly wanted to dance all night long..

I was very amused and yet shocked with her antics.. she's so daring or like they say, children knows no fear .. wait till they grow up...