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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Immunization jab

Last week, when I checked Amber's immunization schedule, I realised she was supposed to have her Hep A booster done in Nov 08. How terrible of me to forget. Since moving to our new house, I've sort of lost track of things and was too lazy to dig up her immunization card and the card is in a form of booklet which is outdated. There's so many new immunizations - meningococcal, preumococcal, prenavar, rotarix, all of which is not stated in the book. The nurse updates the book and tries to squeeze the new jabs into the existing 2 page and i missed out on the Hep A booster jab.

I quickly made an appointment with her paed.. last Saturday. As I can remember the last occasion Amber went for a jab was almost a year ago, she's too young to remember and I did not warn her then but this time, I prepared her for it. I told her an injection is just like an ant bite, or like rubber band 'piak'! lol...

She said :

I no scared one.. injection like ant bite .. like rubber band piak
I no scared !
If I cry, then Papa Mama sayang me lor...

and she's singing this phrase for days right up till Saturday.

Doctor did the usual check and when the needle finally came, she squealed, Papa had to hold her tight. Cried waahhh ! waahhh !

Still shedding tears but only for a while.

She's a big girl now and I believe in telling her the truth, that the injection hurts but just for a while. I don't want to tell her, not to worry, it does not hurt because it does.

Later I asked : does it hurt ? She said :

Boh ! A little bit pain oni.. then Papa sayang lor.... (with the innocent look in her eyes. * Boh = No , in Hinghwa)

My little girl has grown up.