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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chupa Chups

I was paying at a cashier check out and the Chupa Chups caught her attention. I overheard her saying softly to herself :
Ooooooohhhhhhh  Wow !!!!!! Lollipops !!

Poor little kiddo ! She's been off candies and chocolates for  more than a year. Apart from an occasional Mentos mint and chewing gum (only recently too), I do not allow her candies. She's allergic to dairy and certain food colorings and sugar is not good for her as she has candida and we have to limit her sugar intake.

We offered her one and her expression ? Priceless !!!

I chose a cola flavoured Chupa Chups for her. Non-dairy and less coloring. She's just as happy :

She didn't finish the Chupa Chups and I was very happy to chuck it away. Although she likes candies and all kinds of lollies, she's never addicted to candies and I think it's ok to allow her a little luxury once in a while.

Healthy Breakfast

I go to work with a little devil.. The little devil who's seated next to me. The little devil who drives me to work. The little devil named 'HUBS'... 

He'll tempt me with invitations for  Nasi Lemak at Dang Wangi, every other day !
Politely turned him down thrice and yesterday, he 'tak boleh tahan' and parked his car aside and asked me to get a take away pack for him. I politely did and packed '1 bungkus nasi lemak tapau, tambah telur'

The little devil named hubs even offered to share a pack with him.

'no' ...No cravings .. I'd rather have wholemeal crackers or toast with coffee and here's what I had this morning :


Wholemeal toast with passionfruit preserve and freshly brewed Americano.

I heart the Passion-ate preserve from Australia.  My kind dear friend from Perth gave us a jar. Bursting with passionfruit tanginess, it's a perfect pick-me-up in a rainy morning.

I hope I don't succumb to the nasi lemak temptation anytime again.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hari Malaysia and what we did

Am so glad today's a Public Holiday. The city's celebrating Hari Malaysia with Dataran Merdeka and Jalan Raja closed for celebrations and Chinatown, aka "Petaling Street" is abuzz with Mid Autumn celebrations. There'll be cultural performances, photo exhibition and such.

We did none of those. I had my heart set on Isetan Foodmarket's reopening at KLCC concourse floor. Jaclyn already ajak-ed me couple of days ago, she knows I'm a diehard presale kaki (and that's about the only time I find worth shopping, for kids clothes, food, sundries and my personal stuff). Our usual routine is to have breakfast at the Old Racecourse Kopitiam at Level 4 foodcourt. The best breakfast set you can get around KLCC, RM5.90 for a nasi lemak and coffee/tea set.

Was so afraid of missing my breakfast and I had to rush my 2 roommates. One was taking his time doing his stuff, the other was taking my time doing her stuff. I spent a good whole hour cleaning the wound on her knee. She fell in the kindie playground 2 days ago. Her knees scraped and bled. I cleaned and dressed the wound but it fell off and her teacher put on a plaster over her still bleeding knees but she used the cloth plaster, very icky and sticky type. Her graze is a lot bigger than the plaster and I can imagine the pain of having your wound taped with icky sticky plaster and nothing could be worst than tearing off the plaster before infection sets on the wound, not even waxing a hairy leg with melting wax ! 

So, it was an hour of 'crying - please don't touch but please help me- please don't touch but  please help me' from her and threats from me : ' don't take off the plaster - your knee will be scarred - we'll have to take you to clinic - we'll have to take you to HOSPITAL'.. Gawd... the whole episode lasted one hour until hubs had the quick mind of asking me to run cold water down her knee to help the plaster unglue.  She even said 'Papa quite clever hor.. can think about using water to rinse away the plaster glue'..
I hate handling dressings.. aiyer.. very painful to see the little kid in pain but a moms gotta do the dirty job.

Once done.. I shooed both of them with warnings that we gotta leave soon coz I must have my nasi lemak at KLCC or else ........... jeng jeng jeng jeng...

Anyway.. made it in time to meet Jaclyn for breakfast. She was alone, enjoying her 'me' time away from her 4 men !!

We went to Isetan Foodmarket and was shocked by the crowd. Trolleys were taken up and a lot of best buys were also snapped up but we managed to get what we wanted.  I queued for the honey baked ham and Jaclyn queued to pay. It's a bonus having  a friend to shop with. :D :D

I like the Foodmarket for it's service and quality food. For a slight premium, I'm getting my money worth. Some other supermart (for I shan't name), charges premium but does not deliver the service or quality we are paying for.

Amber was a little naughty, she helped herself to samples of Japanese grapes. My eyeballs popped when I saw the price. RM145 for a punnet   :(  but they're darn nice, aitelyu.

Once done, I shooed hubs and her off, I didn't want to stay at KLCC any longer, couldn't stand the crowd. We went home, unload our stuff and went for lunch and then for a haircut for 3 of us.

My helper cooked tau yew bak. Must applaud her for her effort, hubs said ichiban. I was all smiles not only because the tau yew bak was good but ' I trained well ' kinda feeling.

We all watched Ong Bak - a muay thai flick and that was our day today.  A happy day and I feel elated knowing I can sleep in for 2 days more. Tomorrow's only Saturday :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gifts from Sibu

Annie Q came back from Sibu recently and came back with these goodies.

Dabai (sibu olives) pickled in soy sauce and sugar. I like the nutty and buttery taste of the dabai. Annie did give me some dabai from her previous trip. I pickled those myself but somehow it didn't taste as nice as these, pickled by Annie :

Tasty, buttery fresh olives. I chomped down the dabai on the same night, didn't save any for dinner the following day although Annie did say pickled dabai goes well with rice. 

Annie also passed me some goodies from Arthur (aka suituapui), the famous Sibu godfather. I've never met him but I like to read his food posts a lot.

 These mooncakes are Sibu populars and hubs like it. Simple and unassuming delicious mooncakes. Hubs couldn't wait to chomp these delicious golden pastries and we finished it way before the mooncake festival.

Non-halal biscuits from Sibu (read : **mengandungi lemak babi**)
These cookies contain pork lard, butter, flour and peanuts and the pork lard gives this crumbly cookie an aromatic flavour. I brought these cookies to a company gathering along with some local mooncakes and everyone snapped up the lemak babi cookies instead. :D 

Thanks Annie and Arthur. I must make it a point to visit Annie whenever she returns from Sibu.  Surely a lot of goodies to share.. :D :D :D :D

Winekaki Gathering - Hari Raya

*photo post*

Another post borrowed by hubs to memo down his winekaki gathering.
We gathered at Steve's on Raya Day 1. Since it was a holiday, everyone was relaxed and came early except for KK who flew in from HK and missed the earlier hours but nevermind, he came in just in time for the best wine. 

Steve and Fun called for a theme dinner, to jive food and wine, we had italian/western (KFC and PHD included) and moi cooked a pot of bacon aglio olio..

The selections :

Can't comment on the wines. I was busy with the kids and on iPad and didn't have many sips
 the gang
 the girl
 the kaki-s
 the guys

and kids played lanterns and sparkler :D

and that... was how we spent our Hari Raya  :D

L-O-V-E Love.

Amber learnt this song from kindy :

xxx xxxx (and the remaining lyrics.. I donch noe.. coz she makes it up everytime)..

One day she drew the pic above.. of her family. Papa's the skinny one on the right and no prize for guessing which is Mommy !   hahahahhaha

A Mother's Touch

I was out this morning for appointments and on the road when Amber called around noon.

Mommy... I don't want to shower. I fell down. A lot of blood. My hands and legs also got !!!

Since I was on the road and not too far from home, I turned back to check on her.

Both knees were bleeding and her elbow was grazed too but not serious.

Strangely this morning.. she showed me some 'surprise' she had in her bag, Disney plasters. She kept some in the bag pocket for emergencies and yes, emergency did happen today. Teacher washed her wound with water and pasted the Disney plaster over her 2 knees.

I checked and there wasn't any sand or debris in the wound and applied Dettol antiseptic to the wound. She cringed in pain but did not cry..

She thanked me..

Thank you very much Mommy !  I love you Mommy ! and gave me a kiss.

When I left for work.. she said again.. I love you the most Mommy !


moments like these makes motherhood sooo worthwhile :D

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheese Galore

My brother got us these lovely cheese from Melbourne when he visited us in April. Absolutely love it !
The flavored soft cheese goes so well with crackers and the vintage ones were kept for special occasions, paired with a good selection of heavy bodied wines.

We're all cheese lovers and Amber can't wait to get her teeth into a slice.  We should be able to introduce cheese to her diet by mid of next year, when she has met the 1 year mark of abstinence from allergic food.

Thanks Bro ! Danny likes the fruit nut and brandy flavored cheese best. *hint*

Lantern Play at Home

**photo post**

We had a small do at home couple of weekends ago for Amber's kindie mates and since the Mid Autumn festival was drawing near..the kids played lantern too.

I lor mai fan, curry chicken, fried noodles and boxing chicken. The chicken seller at the market was kind enough to boxing up the little drummets when I told her I wanted drummets for party. She said it's easier for kids to eat and looks good too.

Our friends brought some mooncakes to share :D


I prepared some jelly deserts and Amber helped me ice the cupcakes

The mummies, daddy and kindie principal. Packet drinks for kids and beer for us :D

I asked the principal's kids to help the younger ones start the lantern party.

Then, we had face painting ! This is soooo fun ! I got the face crayons from a party pack shop at Ikano. Hubs saw and knew it would be a hit with the kids and it sure was !!!

Amber's kindie principal and her charges.
The kids had a real good time and watched Avatar while the adults yakked !

ROOOARRRR !!!!!!! HISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!  Amber doing her thing .

This year will be Amber's lasts year at her kindie. We plan to send her to a chinese based kindie next year and we hope she can keep in touch with her friends.

Monday, September 5, 2011

How To Kill A Snake ...

You should not.. really !

One crazy afternoon, with one crazy news after another, I put Amber to bed and went down to make myself a cuppa coffee. Instead of heading to the kitchen, I walked to the living and looked to my front gate, to check on the weather. I was hoping it won't rain as the temples will be praying for Amber that same evening (another story - Amber had recurring nightmares and her por-por consulted the temple, was told some dirty spirits were disturbing).

I saw something awkward among my curtain/sheers skirting.. for whatever reason, it caught my attention and at closer look, I thought I saw a SNAKE !!!  I had to look hard, snakes are so clever at disguising themselves to the surroundings.

I called to my helper to check again and she jumped at the sight of snake. Called hubs and he asked me to call the Bomba. Very clever of him to shove responsibility. I didn't think a small snake (around 2 feet long??) warrants a call to the Bomba. I asked my helper if she's gutsy enough to kill it. My instant thoughts was Amber's safety and killing it made most sense. I cannot imagine what'll happen if Amber was watching tv in the living room and saw the snake.. sigh...

We went to the kitchen to look for tools... my helper found a dry mop with a flat base and I have the cangkul in hand... armed with our lifesaving tool, we started our mission.  My helper pounced on the snake with the mop and the snake hissed. mouth ajar.. she pounced harder and pressed on it. I used my cangkul to hack the snake but it won't break. 

What shall we do with a snake which wouldn't die ??? I dare not hack too hard, in case my floor tiles cracked.

In quick thought.. I told my helper to soldier on.. keep pressing down on the snake.

I boiled a kettle of hot water and poured down the snake. Gory .. but EFFECTIVE !!!

The snake shrivelled immediately and died.

Sorry Mr Snake.. I shouldn't have killed you and the fortune teller told me recently snakes visiting your home indicate good fortune flowing in,  if I didn't kill you but shooed you away.. good fortune will flow into my home ..   :(  Too bad, Amber's safety is my first priority !

Friday, September 2, 2011

Angry Street

This is not the real thing but oh well... too cute to give it a miss !

Amber jumped on the Angry Bird bandwagon craze too. She has the Angry Bird lanterns, stationery, stickers, and tee-shirts but it's daddy and mummy whose crazy over the game. Hubs will hog the Angry Birds Rio and I play the Angry Birds Seasons on our family iPad.

I went to chee-cheong-kai ,, aka Petaling Street today to get some Angry Bird lanterns and I was looking around the street stalls for Angry Bird tees. Almost got conned by this :

I thought the yellow bird looks a tad furry but the guy told me it's the REAL THING.... he said.. neh.. the yellow bird.. can shoot and accelerate fast fast wan.. LOLOLOL  !!!!

I realised this is hybrid of Sesame Street and Angry Bird.  Very cute, nevertheless.

You'll never know what you can find in Petaling Street, till you step foot into the labyrinth of good food and imitation products.