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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chinese or Kebangsaan ?

Amber's turning 3 very soon and I am still unsure to send her to a Kebangsaan or Chinese school. I've been asking around about Chinese school, getting views from parents who cannot read or write Chinese. Both hubs and I cannot read and write Chinese but he can speak decent Mandarin. As for me, I'm kaput. Attend Mandarin elementary once but dropped out.

There isn't many Chinese school around my area. In fact, only 2 choice and they are located near town center.

School A has a good reputation, a lot of Datuk Datin' children goes there but I heard there's also money politics. Parents who donate heaps to the school fund, their children will be favourites. It's also smack in the middle of heavy traffic road and my sis had a few near miss accidents there sending my nephews to school.

School B is a low profile but gaining reputation lately, producing high standard results. Location is better, more greenery and hence better environment for my little girl. Amber's childminder also provides transportation and is currently picking up one of the kids from school in the afternoon. If I choose B, then her transporation needs are taken care of. I don't want to stuff her in a school bus and spend hours in her journey home and pick up bad habits along the way.

Scratching my head thinking about it and my main concern is not being able to help with her homework. Some parents I know whose like me, don't know a smatter of Mandarin, will leave their kids alone to their homework. They'll get used to it, they say. Should I throw my child to the deep blue sea ?

I asked her which she'd prefer :

I want Chinese school...


I want English school.

*pengsan*. I guess she's too young to understand.

We do not speak Mandarin to her but she'll surprise us suddenly by singing :

pai pai chor.. tzeh guo guo.. nee ee ker, wo ee ker ....

I regret that I do not know Mandarin and I want my child to have the extra necessary language skill.