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Thursday, July 21, 2011

BFF Gathering

My best pals from school met up not-too-recently, 2.5 months back. I know.. late in delivery is better than never. I better note down, some readers already sneezing when they visit this blog now. *dusty*.. 

We met at SL's house at Mutiara Damansara. Took advantage of her new house as an excuse and she has 2 helpers.. so her house is the best place to meet. I practise BYO now, (bring your own food and bring your own maid), I simply cannot cope without a helper,  big gatherings esp with lots of kids at my humble home.

Hui Qian (SL's daughter) came up with menu and activity list for the guests. Too cute !
SL was an excellent host. She got in one of those helium balloon pumps and we had lotsa colorful floating ballons. The kids were ecstatic.

It's a rare occasion for us to meet up, with our husbands and kids too. EL is in London and she only comes back every 3 or 4 years. She had a baby girl recently, Adrianna and
Jo, EL, SL and Me... BFFs ! We may not meet very frequent but when we do, it's always just like the good old days..

Going Up Genting Again

We went up to Genting Highlands last Sunday for a day trip.  On Saturday, we celebrated Amity's 1st birthday and BIL's stayed over at our place and the whole troop went up to Genting Highlands early Sunday morning. The family holds a yearly pass to the theme park and this is a good excuse to go up the highlands more frequently to fully utilize our pass.

I dislike food at Genting Highlands and the fast food there is crap. Despite paying premium, we were greeted by very dry fried chicken and ultra mini fries. Tsk .. tsk... I hope they'll buck up, I don't see any reason for chickens to taste less and dry at high altitudes. BIL brought us to a new makan place @ the Mushroom Farm. Food here is very reasonable and delicious. You can even arrange for a pick up from any part of Genting to the restaurant and back. Now, this is service and I'll skip the fast food on my next trip and have our meals at Mushroom Farm instead.

I didn't go for any rides except the 4d Magic Motion. Amber went for the kiddie rides with her cousin sister Yuen Wen. We were there at separate times and Amber wanted to ride The Spinner. I wasn't game for it but she insisted she can manage.

With a heavy heart (and till now, I still don't know why I let her up the ride), we let her go on her own. She lined up, followed the queue and both hubs and I fretted over her like shouting and talking to her outside the ride ring (we really looked like a bunch of nervous cowards, too scared to go up the ride and too scared to allow the little bud up the ride)

On her own. I didn't take any pics during the Spin, my legs were wobbly and heart thumping hard..

I was so afraid something unexpected or bad might happen. What if Amber cried for help? What if she wanted to get out during the Spin, what if the whole Spinner came crashing down.. All kinds of stupid and nerve wrecking thoughts ran through my mind and I prayed for the ride to be over asap.  
She didn't scream, cry or laugh. She looked stoned.

When it finally came to an end, she was helped off her seat and she came running towards us.. stoned.

I asked if she was scared..

'No, just a little bit scared..


oOOO... Oh ..dear.. we. laughed. so. loud.. she. was. scared. till. she. nearly pee-ed !

Monday, July 11, 2011

Century Egg Jewels

A good friend got these for me :
All the way from Hong Kong, the famous Yung Kee century eggs. I've heard so much about it and I love century eggs, yums & slurp.  :D  :D  :D
 Neatly packed, 6 eggs in a box with pickled ginger.

Knock and peel the shell off to unveil the 'black gold'

Ohhh.. yumz.. the yolk is translucent and runny.

I love it so much... and the 6 princely century eggs were slowly devoured by me and hubs.. one by one.. slowly, relishing every bite !

Thanks Jac !

Yeast Free Bread

 Found a pack of Orgran's yeast free bread at Vitacare on offer as it was near to expiry. I was excited to dish out some bread for Amber.

Instructions were pretty simple and easy. No kneading needed. The final product looks impressive.
 Looks like bread, smells like bread BUT... it's not bread.

Amber didn't quite like the texture and she pleaded me not to bake anymore again.
Sigh.. I guess she'll have to wait till she outgrows her yeast allergy before indulging in bread with kaya and butter.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dark Of The Moon

I enrolled Amber to Yamaha JMC and she started her first lesson. Teacher asked the kids. Where do you want to go with a rocket ?

Some said :
I want to go to the space
I want to go to the stars
I want to go to the sky

Amber said :
I want to go to the moon to look for Transformers..

everyone broke out laughing.

This cheeky little girl been playing games with me. I'm not very good at remembering the Transformers characters, I only remember the cute BumbleBee and sexy hoarse voice of Optimus Prime.  In fact I didn't know what Transformers was despite the cartoon been playing on tv over so many years and the unforgettable tune of :

Transformers... more than meets the eye.. Transformers... da..da.. da.. da. daaaa.....

My brother is a fan but I'm not. I only know Transformers are robots but I didn't know they were apparatus transformed to robots until Amber told me : Transformers is car become robot and robot become car..

Banging on my ignorance, she'll tell me :

Amber is BumbleBee
Papa is Optimus Prime
Mama is Megatron !!!

Now that I know Megatrons are bad fellas..  she'll tell me otherwise..  I'm Optimus Prime and Papa is Megatron BUT..... says the opposite to hubs.

So, have you caught Transformers - Dark of The Moon ? Frankly I think the movie is a tad too long. 2.5 hours !!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Allergy Attack

Amber had an allergy attack last week. Her eyes were already red  and something happened, she was rude to our guests and hubs punished her later. She cried and I think the outburst and her constant rubbing of eyes with dirty hands triggered an allergic reaction. Her eyes became red and puffed up. I could see a thick layer of gelatinous mucus in her eyes.

Cetrizine and her regular eye drops didn't work. She was kicking a fuss and I wanted to teach her a lesson not to scratch her eyes with dirty hands. I told her the doctor have to cut open her eyes to remove the gelatinous layer. I regretted my words, as she was crying and wailing all the way to the doctors, 'Please don't cut my eyes.. please don't cut my eyes ...uwaaauwaaa  .. . terrible me !!!!  
Doctor prescribed her cortisteroid eyedrops and another steroid based allergy medicine. 
By morning, the swelling subsided 80%
I hope this serves as a lesson to her to always keep her hands clean and never never touch anything and everything in sight. I shall show her these photos to remind her.