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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yulik Char Siu Meen

I had the most unhealthy, cholesterol laden lunch today but oh what the heck , it's yummy. Worth sacrificing my cholesterol count.

Another good char siu discovery :

At Taman Yulik, Cheras, opposite the famous corner Hau Kee Restaurant, a coffeshop called Restoran Meng Shiang. Open everyday except Tuesday, from 8am till 2pm or char siu sold out, whichever first.

There lies this gem-of-a-char-siu stall. Also serves pork rib char siu (also another to-die-for but always sold out by the time I arrive at 1pm)

My charsiu wantan mee. For RM4, i get a whole, chunky, thick pieces of succulent sweet char siu and comes with 3 tiny morsels of wantan too.

I'll give a thumbs up for this place and thumbs down to Changkat Tong Shin famous char siu (expensive, always tak-cukup-makan and parking's a headache)