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Friday, November 9, 2012

The year that was at Lai Meng

Yesterday was an emotional day for Amber. She graduated from Tadika Lai Meng. Parents of 6 yr olds were invited to join the graduation ceremony along with performance from the kids.

Her initial days at Lai Meng was tough. Her Mandarin was weak and it didn't help that she's placed in a class with 80% non Chinese speaking students. We were worried more for the grasp of Mandarin language than other academic subjects. We eventually engaged a tutor for her and she has improved tremendously.

Looking back, her initial days : 


First day at school

First day at school with papa on the playground.

10 months ++ and she is a more confident, independent child. She now does her homework on her own (with a little nudge and threat, not quite there yet but we are definitely getting there) and I will sit in to do revisions with her when exam is near. Teacher commented is a 'OK' student, not to worry too much about and only to improve on her ability to follow instructions (yes, we're still working on it.. for 6 years !!)

She graduated yesterday and was given a prize for second best student in class. We were laughing our socks off  gleaming with pride :) :) . Her class may not be the creme of the crop but we think it's a job well done for the teachers, tutor and her.

With her 'yuen chang' - kindie principal.

I have no regrets switching her to Lai Meng kindy from her previous kindy. Lai Meng has provided a very conducive study, play and grow environment with very caring teachers, carers and principal. The slideshow yesterday on the years activities - Chinese New Year, Class trip, Childrens Day, Mooncake Festival, Sports Day brought tears to many parents and kids, it hit us that goodbye is now and what a great year it was. 
Amber was in tears and wiped away her tears with her teddy bear. 

She had a pep talk with her father at night, asking if she could go back to Tadika for a visit.. well... of course dear Amber, I'm sure the teachers felt sad having to depart with the kids too.

One year on.. and my girl has grown and matured..  *sniffs*

Toothless, nevertheless :D