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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Going Green

Go fingers go, please turn 'green'. .. hahaha.

I've had my luck with potted plants and many died-ed under my care. Now that we have a house of our own, I 'try' my luck again with plants. Recently, a few of my orchids have 'risen from the dead' and started flowering, at the same time ! Could it be due to the hot spell ? Or my house feng shui is better ? Or my fingers turning green ? I don't know leh... but I am enjoying it.

Water lettuce growing healthy. Nearly 'dieded' , fading yellow until I place in a pot of water lillies given my Collin's mom, all started flourishing and I can zillionz more of baby guppies inside.

This orchid was from my old condo, nearly 'died-ed' few times, I persevered, watered, talked to it, pleaded with the dear fella and now, 3 shoots of flowers sprouting at the same time (2 hidden from view, the shoots are very small).

This one, bought from Sg Buloh nursery last year while we were searching for water feature ideas. Never sprouted shoots since then. I thought it was a goner, now I see shoots again. Yippee..

My favourite. Adopted this from a neighbour, she bought this pot while it was floweing to place at her dining table, she passed to me when she left for Australia. Su Eng, you'd be happy to know your orchids are flowering again. I hope when you are back to KL next round, I have some flowering pots to place in your home.

Kaffir lime plant! I love the aroma, for bathing, cooking, mopping floors, anything. Reminds me of Westin Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. Some hotels there has strong kaffir lime and sandalwood scent.
This one is a mini project. Bought from the market for RM10. The lady said I can see limes in 6 months time. Let's see if I can turn it to a fruiting lime plant this time...