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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amber's bedtime routine with Papa

I've passed the baton to Papa coz it takes me more than an hour to get her to doze off, she will role here, there, talk to her 'little Xiao Tien family' , this , that and lots of things more before finally dozing off.

I get very impatient after 30 minutes and told her to close her eyes and mouth. Stop talking and stop looking around and you'll fall asleep but she retorted :

Mama, you sleep first ok ?

Sei mou ? Ask me to sleep first wor.. she doesn't know I wait for her to doze off, then sneak downstairs to watch Gem Of Life, recorded version (now on Episode fifty something - the one where Constance caught Terence and Elise together - very kan cheong!)

I asked hubs to take over the task but I help brush her teeth and change her pyjamas. Here are some father daughter moments I caught :

Amber insist on putting face cream for Papa. I use Sebamed Facial Protection cream for Amber and the little girl insist on sharing with her papa.

Papa reading to Amber. I shared with hubs the 'secret of effective bedtime reading' , that is to tell the story in our own narration rather than reading the book line by line. Kids gets impatient but hubs narrated in hinghwa instead. Sei mou ?? Can you imagine 3 Little Pigs in Hinghwa ?

Then I set another rule for him to narrate and summarize the lines in simple English , not in Hinghwa or Hokkien by looking at the pictures. I was observing hubs telling Amber a story and I had a good laugh myself, i can just imagine if Amber goes to kindie one day and talks about 3 Little Pigs in Hinghwa. . hahahaha !

I should be thankful he shares the bedtime task with me, shouldn't I ?