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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch from home ?

Sometimes when I chat with my brother online, he'll say gtg for lunch. brought from home. Today I'm having fried rice... He resides in Australia and it's a norm to bring lunch boxes from home. I was getting tired with the selection of food around our office. Hubs is a 'chap fan' guy and I don't see why he'll order the same stuff - sunny side up egg, baked beans, toong choy pork almost every other day and still request me to cook the same for dinner.

Lunch around my office is getting more expensive since the petrol price hike last June and the prices never went down. Yesterday I order Cantonese hor fun, for RM4.50 in a stuffy coffeeshop. All I got was heaps of tasteless hor fun with few slices of pork, 3 teeny weeny prawn and some choy sum !

So, I try to cook more for dinner and have extras to bring to work the next day. I have a microwave to reheat rice and make steamed veges. Cauliflower, brocolli and french beans are good choices for steaming. It's sweet, crunchy and healthy too. Definitely a healthier score than chap fan stalls, the veges are always heavily soaked in oil.

Here's what we had today : leftover soya sauce chicken with ginger, sunny side up egg and steamed (microwaved with a bowl of water) cauliflower.

My lunch for today.

We save some lunch money and it's healthy too. Moreover, by lunching in, I have more time to blog and surf the net !

So today, I msn my brother : I'm lunching in, soya sauce chicken, cauliflower and eggs !