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Friday, February 27, 2009

Gardenia Butterscotch

Yesterday, I was at Mid Valley twice, once in the morning to accompany my father for his weekly post operation eye check up and later in the evening for dinner with my in laws.
Father's eye check up was very fast, in and out in less than 20 minutes, so we had early lunch at Prince Cafe , Boulevard (try any dish with pork chop, it's really yummy, must make note to take some pictures) and by 1pm, I was hungry again , terrible hor ? I had few hours to kill and went to Carrefour to get some buns. I was shocked, potato bread also cost RM3.10 !!!!! The other sausage, cheese and whatnots looked looks unappetizing and was sold in packs of 3 or 4.
Then I came across Gardenia butterscotch @ RM4. Try lah.
Verdict : delicious, delightful. Lives up to it " BETUL BETUL SEDAP.
I'm not a white bread fan but will go this bread.
Above picture was taken on way home. I gobbled almost the whole loaf all by myself. Fei Sei Lor...

Amber's blue black eye

A little accident happened at the child minders and Amber got a 'kung fu' kick on the eye. Kids were playing and a kor-kor tickled another cheh-cheh who was lying down, she squealed and jumped and sent a kung fu kick to Amber who was standing her her feet. I probed :

What happened to your eye ?
Yan yan (cheh cheh's name) ... she refuse to say more

Pain or not ?
Pain .. but now no more pain eddy !

Did you cry ?
Yes ..

She refuse to let me touch her eye and I can only see her bruises when she's asleep. I can't put any medication like zheng gu sui, just have to let is heal in it's due course.

Poor sayang, hope the blue black goes away fast I'm just thankful your eyes weren't injured. When kids play together, accidents do happen.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9 Questions Tag

Min wants to see some fun injected to my blog, she tagged me. This is my first time doing a 'tag', here goes :

1. Have you ever been on TV
Yes, back in 1996 or so, and how I found out was quite bizzare. I attended a play by Instant Cafe Theatre and some filming company filmed the show including bits of the audience. Then many months later, I went to HK to meet a friend whom I've never seen or met before and when he met me, he asked were you watching a xxx play at xxx place sometime ago ? Apparently he watched a documentary in HK about Malaysian culture and plays and remembers my 'face'. I was aghast !

2. Have you ever sung in public?
No. I'm hopeless in singing. I hope never to be called out to sing , not even in karaokes. I only sing in my shower for my own listening pleasure :)

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
No, but if I have the looks of a Japanese doll, i may try ..

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Yes and I lurve 'tien kai', steamed with chicken essence, porridge, kungpao, keong choong.. you name it !

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
Not really, even if it's something that I don't fancy, it's the thought that counts.

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
No and I hope never to !

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
Yes, recently, New Year's Eve and Chap Goh Mei. It's exciting to plan though. I try to organize the menu to the following order : 1) dishes I can cook beforehand like stews or curries 2) oven baked (to free up my stove) 3) dishes that needs to be served hot 4) desert 5) wine & cheese , drinks.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Yes and it was a big big BANG ! Really painful and I'm glad I'm not hurt.

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes, in my ex-company, we had a yearly charity event. I remembered vividly abt 10 years ago, we visited the paediatric ward at Universiti Hospital. We brought gifts, shows and games to cheer up the kids but I was in tears instead. Seeing so many critically ill kids and babies breaks my heart.
I would love to do more charity work, instead of just donations.

Now, let's see who else can have some fun injected to their blog :

1) Annie Q
2) Little Lamb
3) Laundryamah

Have fun !

My favourite siew pau !

I'm not really a big siew pau fan and the only siew pau that leaves me wanting for more are the ones from Esquire Kitchen.

I was at Sg Wang to visit the dentist yesterday afternoon (grr .. dread the visit) and whenever I'm there, I'll surely pick up some siew pau from Esquire's. For RM1.60 each, it's 50% bigger than the miserable Seremban siew pau. The pastry is very nice, not jelak at all and it's still crispy when I had for supper.
I've tried the siew paus from other Esquire outlets but somehow it's not as good as those from Sg Wang.
Try it when you are at Sg Wang next.

RM5 - Dinner for 3 ?

Can you believe it ? Here's what we had yesterday :

Siew Pak Choy fried with garlic - Rm1.50 for 2 bundles. The pic above is only half. I've eaten some and gave a big portion to my maid.

Tau Foo Kang : Great comfort food. Hubs favourite dish and mine too. Goes so well with steaming hot rice.
Recipe :
1 block of soft tofu - 80sen
minced pork - RM2 , season with pepper and soya sauce
1 egg - 40sen
spring onion - 20sen
minced garlic
fry garlic till fragrant, add dash of salt
add seasoned pork, fry till pork is fully cooked, dash in a little fish sauce .
add smashed tofu
add a large bowl of water
let it boil for 2 minutes
add little cornflour mixture to thicken
add in beaten egg
turn off fire and stir in chopped spring onions.
Simple, nutritous and easy dinner for abt RM5 for 3 people. You get fiber, meat protein, soy protein and carbs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Just came back from the dentist, really sien sei !

Last August, I had a filling redone. Nothing wrong with the filling but a bit worn out and I thought might as well just redo it and it's a start of a long series of problems.

After the refill, the whole upper tooth was very sensitive, cannot bite at all and sometimes, bits of food gets stuck, ie sesame seed and I accidentally grind on it ... very very painful.
Hubs keep telling me new fillings are like that, they'll wear out in a few wks and it will only get better.

But it did not !

I tahan until last month , went back to the same dentist. She claims my enamel has corroded and part of the dentyne is exposed, causing the sensitiveness. I just have to live with it ????

Tak tahan, I went to another dentist @ Sg Wang, reputable, reliable but very expensive. She spent 30 minutes trying to re-grind the filling, reduce the contact with the lower teeth, added some medicine to de-sensitize the teeth. If this works, I have to go back for a couple of sessions to apply the medicine. Sien sei ! Sien Sei ! Really sien sei ! and very nga toong, from paying for the dental sessions !

I have to apply this 'mousse' everynight before I sleep. Was using Sensodyne but dentist #2 asked me to stop. Sensodyne is not mean to be ingested for long term. GC Tooth Mousse = RM55 per tube. Nga toong or not ???

Don't we all dread visits to dentist ?

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Weekend

This weekend was a quiet weekend we had in a long time. Since moving house, our activities were packed, it was either the contractors or renovators, then came Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. I was also down with a sore throat and mild fever. Too lazy to go anywhere or do anything exciting.

We spend a lot of time with Amber and noticed she hardly threw tantrums. She was very well behaved and we spent a lot of quality time together.

I am teaching Amber how to write with the guide of dotted lines. Only 2 rows have examples in dotted lines, the rest, I 'dot' them myself with black crayons. My cheeky fart commented on the dots.. eeee... look like 'da pian.. eee.. orh see!!' meaning look like a trail of shit lah. You see, cheeky or not ?

I'm not sending her to kindie yet but I try teaching her to write at home. I always tell her she has to learn to write before going to kindie (white lie .. a threat actually!)

She monkeys with the crayons here, as if it's jossticks. She actually said :
Pai pai guanyin ma ! give Amber chocolate ah ...
Aiyo, really lol !

She feeds the fishes. Sometimes more than twice a day. I tell her.. fish pau-pau (full) already. If you feed more, the fish will vomit !

It was also a weekend of leftovers. On Sat, I made konlou wantan mee for lunch. A friend gave us a pack of famous Koon Kee wantan mee before the New Year and I kept in the freezer. Was still fresh when defrosted and I made some pork wantan with prawn soup (from leftover peeled shells). For garnishing, I defrosted some (leftover from Chap Goh Mei) braised mushroom chicken feet. I used the gravy for the sauce , along with dark soya and oyster sauce. Yummy and very economical lunch.
On Sunday, I defrosted some Petaling Street Sze Ngan Chye roast duck from our pot luck gym gang gathering. Wanted to copy D'Lish's Duck Confit Pasta and came quite close. Here's how :

Very easy dish, fillet the roast duck (drumstick and breast), season with salt, separate the skin.
Fry skin first still crispy. Fry garlic in olive oil, throw in the meat fillets and some chicken stock and boiled pasta. Give it a good stir and serve. Yummy also
I saved the bones and not so meaty parts for making porridge. Still sitting in my freezer, waiting for another lazy Sunday afternoon.
Leftovers can be interesting too right ?

Amber's best friend

They say dogs are a man's best friend and it's true for Amber. Her best friend is Siaw Tien, the Ikea Gosig Spaniel (was Rm39 when we bought, a month ago, now on offer RM19 only, grr....)

She has to have Siaw Tien with her when she wakes up or go to bed and she always treats and talks to Siaw Tien like how we talk to her.

Here, she :

Mama, I bring Siaw Tien to school..

Siaw Tien sleeps with her. She puts ST to bed, tuck her in blanket and whispers ...
Siaw Tien, you want lotion or not ? you sleep ah.. i give you bolster ok ? You use yellow color blanket ah.. good night ah...

In moments like this, I pretend not to hear what she's saying, I don't want her to feel shy, I just want to immmerse myself in her conversation and hope it goes on and on

sigh .. the joy of being a kid and the joy of having a kid ...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My clever fart

I like to call Amber "my naughty fart".
Today, i said to her : come here, naughty fart

I'm not naughty fart

Ok, you are cheeky fart.

No ! I am CLEVER fart !

lol !!

Her speech is improving everyday. I was teasing her and I said..

Mama is hungry ! I want to eat your hands !

No cannot ! You eat my hand no more eddy (already). You hungry, you eat rice !

and she has a very good memory of people or visitors she's fond of. My friends Chee Yoke and Chris visited us in December and gave Amber a packet of yummy mini Merci chocolates. Amber only met them once and had a good memory or recollection of their visit. I kept the chocolates and y'day she wanted some chocolates, I had about 5-6 varities but I gave her Merci and she said :

Must eat warm warm ah ... cold cold not nice (Chocolates are best at room temperature)
Here .. i warm with my hands ok ?

This one Aunty Chee Yoke and Uncle Chris give one ah ?

I was dumfounded. I had, Snickers, Toblerone, Borona nougats, Lindt and Merci.. all in mini bars and she remembered Merci was gift from Aunty Chee Yoke and Uncle Chris.

For a 2yrs 10mth kid, she surely has a good memory !

I want to note down those precious growing up moments of her. At blink of an eye, my little girl is almost 3, time flies with a blink of the eye. This blog serves as a diary of her growing up moments and I hope she will enjoy reading when she grows up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Dinner @ Klang

Last Sunday, we attended a wedding dinner at Klang. We found the place quite easily with our new Gamin GPS. It'll tell you the estimated time to destination and was accurate too.

Along the way, I saw some bak kut teh stalls and was suggesting supper if dinner was not filling enough.. haha... anyway, dinner was very good and filling, so no chance for me to dig in to a pot of steaming hot bak kut teh.

Some photos to share :

Amber and her Yuen Wen cheh-cheh "partners in crime"

Amber and cheh-cheh gets bored, so they ransacked sook-sook's pocket for some fun !

Yuen Wen cheh cheh snapping photos of Amber, using sook-sook's camera, who else would let them do that ?

During dinner, I noticed some of the guest were reading newspaper. The vendors actually came to each table to sell papers. I find it amusing, very uncommon in all the other wedding dinners I've attended, but I also think we should respect the wedding event and not immerse ourselves in some serious reading :

Funny huh ?

Funny way of passing time... while waiting for the dishes..

Amber talks a lot

Amber's speech has improved tremendously.
As I'm blogging from my study room, she monkeys around with the chairs and stationery.

Papa, you don't disturb me ok, you go downstairs.

Papa, I can climb this chair, so high but I can climb

Mama, let me take the pencil, I can take myself.. don't help me, i can take myself

Mama, you on the internet ah ??

Mama, how where is the mouse ? How come no mouse ? (my mouse is spoilt, am using touchpad, i usually give her the mouse to play while I'm surfing but I disconnect it, that way she thinks she's helping me surf .. kekekekeke :)

When she's in a good mood, she can be the sweetest child and an excellent companion !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Father had an eye operation

Father asked if I was free and I said, no, not today or tomorrow. I had an interview to attend and we had some contractors coming over to fix the water leaking from the retention wall.
I felt so bad when he told me he wanted me to send him to his eye doctor. He's been seeing flashes recently. Father had an operation in 2000 for his glaucoma and something is not right despite his regular and diligent check ups.

Luckily father's good friend was very kind to send him to the doctors at Mid Valley. It's not possible for father to take taxi alone to see the doctor. Mid Valley is too big and confusing and he almost always cannot remember the location of the eye doctor.

Well, doctor diagnosed father's flashes was due to the immense ocular pressure building up and they had to insert a tube to release the tears. Operation had to be done immediately or else father will lose his vision.

The next day, eldest sis accompanied father to the hospital for the 1 hour operation. I had to sit in for hubs as he's home with the contractors.

Operation went on smoothly, father's vision is still blur, it'll take a month to regain his vision fully.

Have we ever wondered how we are going to live our old age with rising medical expenses ? Most medical cards cover up to age 70 but what happens if we live 10 or 2o years beyond ? Is it worthwhile for us to buy a medical card now and get ourselves covered but as we age, the medical card cost escalates yearly till we are 70 yrs old and then... no coverage !! Some medical cards are renewable up to 80 yrs of age but the premium is ridiculous and thinking about it, the amount covered will be so small then, with the rising inflation.

Sigh, the thought of rising living and medical expenses versus FD and EPF returns, aren't we all worried about retirement and ageing ?

Busy busy busy

Haven't been updating my blog recently. Been very busy lately and sick lately. I think it's the post CNY syndrome. Too much good food, cookies, lack of sleep and liquids (beer not counted) makes one end up with sore throat and fever.

MIL and BIL stayed over last weekends and we had activities planned for them.

During Mah mah & sook sook's stay, Amber was the happiest girl. She kept herself busy playing, talking and amusing us with her antics.

They arrived last Saturday afternoon and we brought them to Ampang Yong Tau Foo for lunch. There's 3 shops (all packed and crowded) along Jalan Wawasan, Ampang Town. The best in still "Foong Foong", shop on the right. Service was fast , very fast, served immediately upon ordering, I think they want us to cepat cepat makan, cepat cepat keluar, so we'll clear the seats for the next crowd in waiting. Smart huh ? Service aside, I like the brinjals the best. Deep fried but not soaking in oil. Brinjals has the tendency to soak up oil when cooked but theirs beg to differ. All other items - fried sui kao, fried fu chuk, taufo, fried tau foo was excellent, except for ladies finger, which was a bit too small compared to the rest. For 80sen per piece, it's still cheaper than many other yong tau foo outlets.

Sadly, I have no photos to show, was too busy fussing over Amber and I forgot my camera. ;(

We were invited to a wedding dinner on Sunday and on Saturday evening, we went to the bride's house for dinner in the evening. For some, it's customary to host dinner for relatives the night before the wedding. The home cooked food was excellent, fish head curry, braised mushroom, fried meehun, fried chicken etc. Somehow, food always taste better when cooked by other people. I don't fancy my own cooking very much. I get very jelak after cooking.

Sunday was extremely hot. Wanted to bring MIL to try out the Hokkien Mee at Ayer Panas but thought it was not a good idea to be sweating and melting in the hot sun. So, we took her to Kin Kin Pan Mee at Pandan Indah and thereafter a tour around Bukit Antarabangsa, the landslides, the beautiful homes, one which belongs to a Malaysian pop diva. We did not do much, as we had to go to Klang for the wedding dinner and located the place with ease with our new Gamin GPS. Hubs finally got a GPS, hurray !!!!!!!! hip hip hurray !!!!!!!!!

Since Mah mah was around, she did not go to the babysitters on Monday. We went shopping at Ikea and lunch at Ikea cafe and had cups and cups of the refillable coffee. Somehow it always taste better on weekdays when there's less people. I don't like the long queue for food and drinks on weekends, kinda puts me off.

Mah Mah and Sook Sook left on Tueday and I started falling sick till today, the throat's itching and I'm longing for a good nights sleep but Amber doesn't want to sleep till very very late.. :(


Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines :)

Yesterday, while having lunch with Sherry, she asked what I'm up to for Valentine's Day ?

err .. nothing i guess. what is there to celebrate

S : Why not ! I tell you, you'd better not take it for granted.. after a while, they'll forget the important dates !

That struck me for a while ! Hubs and I have breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, supper together everyday. We drive to work together, work together, so apa lagi nak romance over a dinner together ?

No doubt, life has been different with Amber, she tags along with us everywhere, that's about it.

And back to Valentines, so, what do I want to do ? Hubs suggested dinner at Ma Maison, but I've been to that place umpteenth times. Anyhow, I've asked Amber's previous babysitter, Por Por to mind her this evening, for which she is more than happy to.

Up till lunch, I can't decide where I'd want to spend Valentines until I was walking past KLCC and I decided I WANT TO WATCH A MOVIE .... with POP CORN and COKE in hand. Yes, that'll make me happy, simple right ?

I have the evening up till 10.30pm, beyond that, Amber will get cranky. My choices were New In Town or Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I chose CCoBB as it starts at 8.30pm and we should be heading home by 10.30pm. After paying for the tickets I checked to reconfirm the movie duration, it was 3 hours and not 2 hours ! That means it'll end at 11.30pm ! Alamak, way past Amber's bedtime. Panicked and I could not change the tickets, I called Por Por. She was very kind and asked me to let Amber stay for the night at her place.

Thank you so much Por Por..

I have not decided where to go for dinner but I'm excited over the movie + pop corn + coke coz it's been a looong loong time we enjoyed that kinda freedom and liberation...


Amber's nightime routine and reading

Amber gets home around 7pm everyday, while we have our dinner, she'll have her fruits or Vitagen and goes to bed by 9.30pm. I give her a bottle of milk before she doze off but recently, I notice her teeth is badly stained. So, I've changed her routine to :
- 8pm : take fruits/supplements/vitagen or other juice
- 9pm : take milk
- 9.30 - 10pm : brush teeth, wash hands and legs or quick shower if she's dirty, apply lotion, last round of shee-shee, pyjamas and bedtime reading.

I always coax her with promises of bedtime reading if she behaves. She enjoys those moments with me. I know unwinding with bedtime reading is healthy and should be a daily affair but sometimes I'm so caught up with other things to do (tend to the house, the maid, etc), I skip it.
Recently with Amber's tantrums, I try to have a routine with her in the evenings to settle her down.

I bought the Peter and Jane series, 1a till 2b. I'll have to start her with 1a . . the elementary reading and recognizing words but my little girl is impatient and jumps to the 2a series because of more interesting pictures of horses in the books. She'll tell me, I want to read this one (pointing to 2a), I teach you ah ... this is horse !

Alamak, she teach me pulak !!

Then she'll go on tell me her version of the story :
Peter is boy ..
Jane is girl ..
Mama is girl ..
Girl cannot marry girl ..
Girl can marry boy ..

and then we'll forget about the whole Peter and Jane series. Recently, she's beginning to understand girl/boy concept :

One day, hubs was going to take a shower and Amber said :
Papa, I take panties for you ok ?

Hubs corrected her and now she always ngam ngam cham cham :

girl wear skirts..
boy wear pants ..
girl wear panties ..
boy wear underwear ..

When I bring her to a public toilet , she'll tell me :

Mama, here.. this one .. the skirt one .. for girls..

She's going to be 3 yrs old in April and we have not sent her to playschool yet. She always tells me she wants to 'go school' when she sees the other kids at the babysitters go to school.
I think I'll have to start scouting around my areas for kindies soon.

My little Hinghwa mui ..

Hubs speaks to Amber in Hinghwa dialect, his mother tongue. I am born a Hinghwa too, I can understand about 20% of the language and speak 10% ? My family speaks a mixture of Hokkien, Cantonese and English at home and only my mother will speak a smatter or two of hinghwa to me.

Sometimes when Amber speaks in Hinghwa, I have no clue what she's saying. Hubs could have taught her new words in my absence.

Yesterday, she said ... Mama ! Tau Peow ! Mama ! Tau Peow !

Tau Peow means hat and my cheeky little fart wore a basket as a hat ! It's a shame I have to learn from her isn't it ?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

big big BANG

I was sending my aunts off on Chap Goh Mei and i lost my footing at a stairway landing and fell down, somersaulted, rolled, turned, knocked here, there, everywhere all the way down to the car park, all 10 steps ! Keng mou ? So , tai fan shee, still fall down like that. Aiyo, it was so painful and during the split seconds, my thoughts were :
- oh s*** , I'm falling, must grab something
- scream " AHHHHH "
- s***, cannot grab anything, oh no !
- OUCH ! hit my head! pain ! pain! pain!
- my body 'somersaulted' , die lor... for the life of me, never do somersaults or twist before !!
- I think I'm gonna have m-a-j-o-r injuries, sei for lor
- thoughts of ambulance and hospital ran over my mind
- am I going to slip away and die ?

When I finally landed (can't remember which position !!), I pulled myself together, hubs, sis and aunts came to me. Checked myself, still in pieces, just numb and pain everywhere.

Luckily after a couple of minutes, I was alright and could stand, giddiness gone, except for a bump on my head and cut on my knees. Everyone was very concerned and asked me to go to the hospital for a thorough check,
The thought of hospital on a public holiday and evening charges = very very expensive !!! but I was pretty sure I'll be alright. Well, so far so good except for slight pain on my shoulder, neck and knees. Must seek Uncle Loo for a good massage to pull back the nerves and veins in order. I must thank god as I could had it worst , I could have hurt my back or broke my neck or whatever. God must be watching over me :)

I fell and rolled from the landing above

As if the fall wasn't bad enough, hurt myself again today. I have a food cupboard in the office and one of the doors is broken, I 'lift' the door panel and put in back to place everytime I needed something from the cupboard. I was rushing to fix up some leftovers from home for lunch just now and one of the doors fell and scraped the skin off, near my knees. Now, this is really painful, 2 hours already and I can still feel the 'sting'. Aiyo ! I dread the thought of showering and wetting my legs. Surely, very pain when kena water punya !

The ugly fugly cut !

Clumsy ! Clumsy me ! What's wrong with me ???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Mei and ending with a big big BANG !!!

Why did it end with a big BANG ? This is supposed to be a happy post. I shall talk about the big big BANG later.

The last day of Chinese New Year, or Chap Goh Mei, also known as Chinese Valentines. For me, it's the last 'official' day of merry making but catching up with friends and relatives is something
should not neglect or wait till Chinese New Year right ?

In the morning, we went to temple to do some prayers for Amber, she has been crying a lot lately and I wanted to seek 'divine intervention' if there's anything bothering or disturbing her. I also prayed for peace and harmony for the family. My prayers must have been answered, will tell more in my next big big BANG post.

My cheeky fart found an old pacifier in the car and asked me to take a picture !!!

Amber 'pai pai' to the gods and me, secretly wishing : 'Dear God, please calm her down and not make her cry so incessantly !'

We went to Ulu Klang market for lunch and coincidentally, the stall owners engaged a lion dance troupe to 'bless' the market. Amber was ever so excited. This is her 3rd lion dance experience for the new year.

4 lion dance in total

Amber touching one of the lion's head. They said it's 'ong' to touch a lion's head.

Tearing the pomelos

The lions are hungry too. The offerings were sponsored by stall owners from the market

Lions in action

Blessing the stall owners, sang yee hing loong !

The lions later peeled mandarin oranges and arranged a lucky number :

60 and


6032, 3206 ? Tah chee ? Pau ? I bet the 4d shops nearby had lotsa request for the numbers. Must check newspaper if the numbers strike. Err,, if it did .. geram lah.. we did not buy any.. lol !!

My aunts from my father's side, the Tan family, came over for dinner. When the Tan's gather, we are very very very loud, as my 3rd aunt calls it " Gathering of the LoudSpeakers " ! We will be shouting to be heard and it's always a very fun and joyous event.

My father with (from left) : 1st aunt, 3rd aunt and 4th aunt.

2nd aunt & 2nd uncle passed away and 3rd uncle did not join us. I will make it an effort to hold such gatherings and take a photo for keepsakes. Father is already 75yrs old and I can see how now he treasures family moments more than ever before.

Aunts, sis and spouse/s

Everyone is glued to the tv watching " Threshold of an Era ". Last episode - very kan cheong !!!

Amber and my nephews (elder sis' youngest and eldest son)

After my relatives left for home, father and sis stayed on, makan lagi, minum lagi and yakkety yak yak !

Amber and eldest nephew, Chen Siang, doing the 'goldfish puff'.
Chen Siang left for Melbourne this morning to pursue his Honours in Acturial Science. Good Luck and best wishes to you !!

And some more ...

14th Day

What did we do on Sunday? Plenty !! Amber woke up and threw a tantrum, refuse to let papa out of her sight. Cannot brush teeth, cannot change pyjamas, this and that. Head spinning, dunno how to console her, I asked "do you want to go Por Por house " Her eyes lighted "yes". Wah .. mood change 360 degrees. So, i called Por Por and told her we are coming over for breakfast.

Por Por took us to Serdang Raya for breakfast. She has been telling me about the loh shee fun many times and we somehow we never made it there for breakfast. We went in one car, very 'yuet lau' and the little fart was most happy.

Kedai Makanan Laut Yoke Heng
No. 33, Jalan SR 8/4,Taman Putra Indah,Serdang Raya,43300 Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03-8943 8753
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

the famous claypot loh shee fun. Clear and thick gravy. Super yummylicous with the dried shrimps.

We had a other dishes, dear meat wat tan hor, pork ribs yee meen, chiu pai tau foo and kangkong. Total bill for 6 of us came up to RM64. Reasonable.

Por Por teaching Amber twinkle twinkle little star in Mandarin.. Ee chang, ee chang liang jing jing...

Por Por spoils Amber rotten. She let her play with lipstick and guess what happens when hubs drive over a bump ? she drew all over her lips and mouth , like mah lau see fatt !!! hahaha.

We sent Por Por home back in Ampang, went home, quick quick shower, pack and off we go again, to Collin's at Kota Kemuning. We've made arrangement to visit FGS Dong Zen at Jenjarom in the evening.
Amber slept in the car and I took a slow drive. She continued sleeping at Collin's couch when we arrived. His precious, Rou Rou was so obedient and didn't make a sound to wake Amber up at all.

Amber playing piano at Pam cheh cheh's piano room. Pam's a very talented piano teacher and also does nail art on her own and she has the most lovely and cozy pink piano room lined with pink, orange and red daisies. She conducts her classes in the room and I must say she's a very creative lady, looking at how she propped the place up.
Amber helping herself with stickers. Pam keeps a 'treasure box with lotsa goodies for kids - stickers, hairbands, stationeries and etc.

stickers on both palm and a hairband... not enough... read on...

Got her nails painted, with acrylic flower motifs. Pam has very deft hands, it's so hard to get Amber to keep her hands still but Pam did a great job.

and she even got her toenails painted too ...

Aunty Mary helping Amber dry her nails with the fan blowing on it.
Later in the evening, all of us headed to FGS Dong Zen at Jenjarom, it's not too far from Kota Kemuning but we did not anticipated the massive jam. Right after exiting at Banting, the crawl begins, right till Telok Panglima Garang and then from Carey Island exit all the way to the temple. It took us almost 90minutes to get there. I've heard the temple closes at 9pm so we visited the temple first before having dinner. Luckily Amber had some of Aunty Mary's cookies before we left Collin's.

The back entrance in , on the left is the 33 Kuan Yin. FGS Dong Zen was packed, people mountain, people sea. Very difficult to take photos !

Wishing tree

Mascot at FGS Dong Zen, sponsored by Dutch Lady..
Hey diddle diddle, the cow jumped over the moon ??

The lightings were awesome and beautiful. Again, very difficult to take photos, too many people, just too many.

We join one of the prayers session and Amber was holding the prayer candle for us, on behalf of our one small little happy family.

We left FGS Dong Zen at 9pm sharp and it was jam, jam, jam again, all the way out from FGS. Luckily, with Collin's navigation, we took a alternative route and cut short our jam by at least 15 minutes (with a car packed with hungry tummies, 15 minutes is a looong loong time)

Alarmed by the jam and not knowing what time we'll reach home, we took a turn to the Restoran Hee Soon Foong, the nearest restaurant at sight, located at the junction to Carey Island. It was packed, nevertheless but they were well stocked up.
Food was yummy, well, anything will be yummy if all I had was loh shee fun earlier on, but I have to say, I could hardly trace any msg in the food.

We had a good dinner and this is what's left.. **burp**.
It was long drive home, all the way to Ampang and we dropped Collin and his family at Kota Kemuning. I quickly grabbed a 2 in 1 coffee at his place before continuing my drive home and reached home at 1am, eyes half closed but had a very eventful day and Amber had lots of fun with Pam cheh cheh, Rou Rou and Uncle Collin.