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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baking her a cake

Hubs and I decided to bake Amber a cake instead of buying one. I was rambling to Annie on how nervous I was in getting the cake decorated up. I just started baking cakes a month ago and decided on an adventurous task for my little girls birthday tomorrow

party packs for the kids

The cake is meant for celebration at the childminders tomorrow with the other kids, so I've prepared some 'party packs' of Milo bars, Meiji panda biscuits, jellys and candies. I've ran out of paper, I used the colorful pages of my old 'Female' magazines.. hahahaha..

Hubs and I were started 'nervous' on the little project but we had lotsa fun. It's not easy to cream a square cake and even harder to place the sprinkles at the sides

Here's snapshots of what we did for our little girl's big day :

creaming the cake

Hubs did the writing. His handwriting is way better than mine.

The finished cake.. Amber said : wahhh.. very nice hor . Our efforts paid off. :)

Little Miss Sibuk fooling with the icing nozzle and getting the hands at the cake

and she got herself in this situation.. wandered away from her chair and cannot get down.
Waahhh.... help me .. bring the chair .. Amber want to go down... I fall ah..
Instead of helping her, I quickly took some photos.. wakakakaka...