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Monday, April 20, 2009

Amber turning 3 soon

My little baby is turning 3 soon. How time flies, from a happy pregnancy to the jittery days of early parenthood, we are enjoying her company more and more. Ask her when's her birthday, she'll say

errr.. My birthday in April. April twenty second !

I just love to see her small puckered lips and small mouth say it out loud. Ehhhpprill, thwenty sah-kend ...

and so I kept asking her when's her birthday.. and so she delightfully tells me, all over and over again.. hehehe..

She's so looking forward to the big day. We do not have a big bash for her, just dinner with Ye Ye and MaMa who'll be in town to celebrate with her. Last week, they have booked her a cake from Secret Recipes and my little girl chose Batman !! *lol*

I was looking back at her baby pictures and miss those days so much. I was a 'very jittery' mom and always nervous. With god's blessing, she has been a wonderful baby and now a cheeky chatty toddler, always up for some fun and laughter.

Since I am home today, I pulled up some archived pictures with Picasa and toggled along with the functions. I did a compilation of my little girl at each of her birthday.

At birth - innocent little baby

1 year old. I miss those chubby cheeks ! I love the cake stains on her mouth

2 yrs old. More cheeky than innocent now. The Spidey was a birthday gift from hubs and me. She kissed Spidey. I remember once, she put on her diaper for Spidey... *lol*

Picasa 3 is great. I've resized the photo to only 10% of the original file size... and I save more memory when I create collage.. learned something new today.