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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sigh.. so fast ??

Amber called me 2 minutes ago :

Mummy.. my front teeth is moving..
I bite the mentos wrapper and it's pain.. I can move the teeth.

I was just telling hubs that I noticed her jaw is bigger now.  There's space in between each milk teeth, as in preparing for permanent teeth's arrival. We also noticed a permanent molar sprouting out in her lower jaw.

I told her not to panic and I'll go back and check

Can you not touch so hard ok ? Promise ? I scared pain..

Sigh.. such is the fear of a 5 year old losing her front teeth. Coujple of years ago when she lost her front tooth in a fall, I couldn't wait for her permanent tooth to sprout, giving her a complete set of front teeth. Now, I miss her baby-ness and please don't grow up too fast !!!