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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby May is 4 months

Baby May turned 4 months recently.

Milestones - 

-Able to sleep longer stretch at night. On good nights, if the takes her last milk at 11pm, she will sleep through till 6am but if she knocks off at 9pm, then she will wake up for another bottle of milk by 1am.
Her night sleep is getting better and mummy is getting more rest. Yippee !!  Occasionally when I'm very tired or back late from yoga, I'll ask our helper to take over. In her hands, May tends to sleep better and longer. I wonder why but I'm not complaining ;)

-Milk intake increased to 6oz, every 4 hourly or on demand, which comes sooner.

-She is able to do a full turn. Early this morning, she was grumbling and rumbling in her cot. I checked on her and she has turned, tummy side down and she probably felt uncomfortable with her face stuffing in to the mattress. I turned her back side down and put on pacifier, slot in her favorite bolster and she goes back to sleep.

-Cooo-cahh.. oooh .. ahhh... Talk to her and she'll engage in a long 'conversation' with me, rewarding me with priceless smiles and chuckles.

I have changed her formula milk from Enfalac A+ to Mamex Gold because her pooh was runny and messy. I didn't see much of a difference in her pooh and I may just take back Enfalac A+.   Her paed said oily pooh could be due to high DHA content in the milk powder. DHA comes in oil form and he probably is right. As long as baby is not constipating, I have nothing to worry about.

Overall, she's a happy baby, just like Amber. Amber loves her lots and can't wait to plant kissess on her cheeks when she gets back from school.