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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Heading south for Ching Ming.

We are now at hubs hometown for Ching Ming prayers to his grandparents.

She's happy and all excited to be back to Yeh Yeh & Ma Ma's house for a weekend of fun.

This is a capture of the rainbow we saw on our way down south on Friday evening. It's Amber's first real rainbow. She said rainbow has 3 colours and from far it does look like 3 shades.

I would not remember the colours of a rainbow if not for the acronym - VIBGYOR - violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

So today, bangun pagi (awal awal) and made our way to Malacca to look for hubs ancestral grave with our GARMIN GPS. One funny incident I have to note, we cannot rely on GPS all the time. We screened for Jelutong cemetary and GPS led us to housing area, turn left , right, turn, turn, turn and saw a few tombs but it's one other end of the cemetary, back entrance some more ! Alamaks, where to find the tua pek kong ? Took us another good 15 minutes to locate, and this time, we mark it down as a 'favourite destination'. Next year, it'll be a breeze for us.