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Monday, April 13, 2009

I Clever Clever!

Amber always use the term 'I clever clever already' when she's proud to show us something.

One clever is not enough, must be 'clever clever'.

Today marks a milestone in the toilet training episode. She does not need assistance to get to the toilet bowl and does not need me to hold her hands (yes, I need to hold her hands as to give her moral support when she constipates and does her big poo poo).

Just now, she wants to do a big one and I told her to get to the wc on her own. I pretended not to care but corner of my eye, I'm watching her in case she falls.

So, she takes off her pants and get her tiny butt and short legs up the wc. Once she's on the wc, I quickly slid in a stool for her to rest her leg, to prevent any accidental backward slide down to the wc.

She says :
You see Mami, I clever clever already. I can 'ngg ngg' myself. I big girl already.
My little girl, achieving independence and progressing day by day.