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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Little Farts Ramblings

Ramblings of the little fart's innocence to record down again.

A random conversation few nights ago while preparing her to bed (brush teeth, wipe face, put lotion, change pyjamas, etc, etc, etc).

I was muttering all our chinese names : hubs, mine, my sis, everyones. Obviously she doesn't know who is who, she looks at me and asks :

Mami.. what are you talking about ?

For a 3 yr old to utter a complete sentence as such, I am surprised.

Last night, hubs braved the unthinkable, he brought Amber to Mid Valley to have dinner with the inlaws all by himself. Did the grocery shopping, had dinner, changed her pyjamas, fed her milk and put her to car seat all set for home (hurray for hubs!)

Papa, Amber han-nyir or (han-nyir means yawn in hinghwa)

Hubs : Oi oi ok ?

No, I want to see Mama first. (my heart melted when hubs told me)

When she came home at 10pm, she's bright as a lark again. I try to put her to sleep.

Don't want. I want to draw happy family picture, love love, got heart wan, Papa, Mama, Amber, kakak ...

:) :) :) my heart melts again but I was darn too tired to pull out all the color pencils and books. I insist on shuttling her to bed.