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Friday, April 24, 2009

Frugal Fridays

What do you do on Fridays ?
Last day of the working week.. full anticipation of weekend ahead with little one.. more time to cook.. plan menu... top up grocery, update blogs.. read blogs.. check on the plants....

As always, I will browse the offer section on Friday and Saturdays newspaper to check on Tesco, Carrefour and see which offers better than offer offers. I find the 'bandingan harga' amusing, like how they compare their prices with their 'competitor A' and 'competitor B' and how the fonts and logo for competitor A & B, leaves you without guess who they are, that is, if you are an regular grocer shopper.

In times like this, hubs and I are always on the bargain hunt, which supermarket offers better, we go. On offer does not mean the price is good, must check with 'competitor' first. We are not loyal to any shops. hahahaha...On top of that, there's also good bargains for fresh meat at the wet market too, I enjoy going to wet markets, the parade of colours, products and people. When you sit down for lor mai kai and teh si at the coffee shop, you'll bound to bump into interesting characters, uncles and aunties sitting next to you will yak about their lives, children, illness, cooking, politics and all.

Life is just so colourful. An aunty like me enjoys shopping for groceries and wet market *sigh*.