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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just another evening

Our usual hangouts with Amber was at supermarkets or shopping centers. We were living in a 2 room condo without amenities before moving to our new home. There's nothing much to do then but bring her out kai kai. Shopping is a good therapy for me after a long day and for her, it's good place just to hang out

Now, we shop less and stay home more. We'll pick her up from the childminder's as soon as possible as she only has the very few hours with us in a day. On evenings, if weather and time permits (I still have to cook dinner), I'll bring her to the playground nearby. She's really happy to be outdoors and we'll hold hand and walk together, she'll tell me things like :

Mama, you careful ah, got cars ah.. you walk inside ok ?
Mama, careful, afterwards car 'bang' you, pain pain wor.
My little girl is very cheong hei but she's also very concern for our safety. Being her mom, instead of correcting her and telling her I-am-safe-and-know-how-to-take-care-of-myself, I play along. I enjoy our conversations very much for in a just a year or two more, she'll lose her toddler-talk.
At the playground, she'll break free and run around. I'm happy to see her happy, which mother wouldn't right ? If only we had milder weather and less mosquitoes, I'll bring her outdoors more frequent. I believe a child is better behaved when given the freedom to move and run about. In fact when she was still a few months old, I bring her for morning and evening walks in her stroller. She's always a happier baby and fuss less after a good stroll.

Our 'professional back-washer'.
She also holds an important position in our household. She handles the 'backwash' for our master filter. Hubs delegated the task to her (with our supervision) and she'll eagerly complete her task (actually she likes playing with water). We've also taught her to recycle the backwash to water plants.
My little girl, we share almost everything with her. I hope when she grows up, she'll share her activities with us too.