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Monday, January 21, 2013


I have a whole loads of creams I use for my tummy area. Roskens Vit E, Vit E Concentrate, Palmers Cocoa butter, Palmers body balm and few others but nothing could stop me from getting this new cream, specifically labelled 'Tummy Butter for stretch marks. The name hit spot on.. ... I just had to get it as a reason to treat myself, to be more rajin, an excuse to rub it on more frequently.

Instructions says to rub on at least 3 times a day. I keep it iny handbag and the tub comes in handy when I'm in the car, idling away time.

Verdict : Smells delish, like Yakult !! Yet to show results but like any other stretch mark creams, prevention or reduction is severity is what we look for. This definitely smells and feels smoother than the L'occitane Shea butter I slathered (while pinching my nose with the other hand) when I was pregs with #1 .

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A bun in the oven

Our prayers have been answered. God had blessed us with #2.
I have to thank my firstborn, for always praying for Mama at the temple. I've heard her whispering with a joss stick in hand.. .. please let my mummy have another baby and I hope Kuan Yin will give me another baby sister, please , please, please....
She was elated when we told her and she kept mum about our 'little secret, promising not to reveal until we allowed her to.

I had my jitters being pregnant the second time around. Nervous over my health, ability to cope and baby's health, especially the prenatal genetic testing. I was afraid of tests and results. I walked in to the obgyn with prayers in my mind.

I only felt relief and slowly enjoyed my pregnancy after results of the PGT were out. My test for Trisomy 21 was 1 in 1013, low risk and I do not need to go for amniocentesis. A big relief for us and we've been thanking the gods above everyday.

D day is less than 7 weeks away or pehaps lesser. I had my fair share of pregnancy discomfort this round. I had insomnia since first trimester, sometimes so bad that I only get 2 hour shut eye. I feel expecially bloated in the evenings, I can hardly eat and walk in the evenings but I really shouldn't complain for god has been kind, baby is growing well and healthy.

7 wks more and counting down...


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Entering Standard 1

A milestone. My baby has entered Standard 1.
Getting a desirable school, closer to home wasn't a problem. In fact, I have a better network with other moms living around our home and we car pool.

She enjoys going to school with her best buddy and hubs and I enjoy listening to chitter chatter of 7yr olds (much better than our local radio station)

 I was with her for the first few days. I've promised her 3 days but after a day, I started sneaking out. After a week, parents were not allowed to the classrooms anymore.

She was initially nervous and afraid of her new school, no thanks to me, who has been terrifying her with harsh disciplines of a chinese primary school but her first day of school went by without a hitch.

We are proud of her and hope she will make the best out of her schooling years at a Chinese medium primary.
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