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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Omega or Love ?

Amber has 'dua pusing', and kids with dua pusing are known to be hard headed, stubborn and naughty. I only noticed her 2 tornados when confinement lady noted out to me. She's also a Taurus and I was warned by many , Taurus + 2 twist = TERROR !

Hubs and I was very worried and told ourselves to brace for a challenging parenthood. I guess when you set the expectations right, the situation will take care of itself.

As a baby, she's very well behaved, eats on time, sleeps on time and never miss her naps. She slept through the night from 3rd month onwards. Being first time parents, we are blessed.

As a toddler, she started walking at 15months and Trouble 2 started at about 18 months. She's hyper and we could hardly keep up with her. She even had 2 very bad falls that needed stitches at the local hospital.

2 twists turns to Omega ? Love ?

A relative commented that I should be prepared to send Amber to a special needs school and she has symptoms of ADHD. She even suggested migrating overseas as kids with ADHD tends to stand out like a sore thumb in our society. This relative has a kid with similiar problem and attends private school.

Another friend thought Amber has very short attention span and does not follow instruction. He suggested maybe we should get Amber evaluated by a child specialist for learning disability.

As a parent I had sleepless nights and began to have doubts over my child's development. When I shared with other friends and relatives, they chided me for being silly. We have a friend, a speech therapist for kids and he laughed at how silly I was. He was observing Amber over dinner one day and concluded Amber very active and very smart too.

She'll be turning 3 soon and I am proud to say my little girl is just another normal, happy, healthy and inquisitive child, no doubt hyper but absolutely NORMAL !

As I'm typing now, she's sticking mini stickers on kakak's nails and said :

now, your fingers very nice, afterwards stick papa mama fingers, very nice also ok ?

Well, she's creative too !

As a parent, I think we should give some leeway for our kids Let their creativity develop and flow, encourage them to speak up and express. They need not be well behaved all the time, kids are not perfect and neither are we. For parents whose kids have 2 twists, do not worry, our kids are just as special.