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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hogging my makeup

Amber has been hogging my makeup lately, my eyebrow liners, 2way cake, eyeshadows, lip sticks are not 'mine' anymore. She'll bug me till no end to put on makeup for her, especially lipsticks. Every now and then, she'll ask for lipstick and lip gloss and she wants to put them on herself, which annoys me till no end, especially when I am rushing off somewhere. When I don't put on any, she'll ask :

Mummy, why you don't put lipstick ah ? Why ah?
You see, I put wor... you go kai-kai, you put lipstick lah.
put lah, come I put for you want or not ?
No need, we are just going pasar malam, no need to look so nice !
Must, you put lah, come, I put for you lah
So I started a loooonnggg story and explaing : little girls don't put lipstick, only adults put lipstick. Does your friends put lipstick ? You see, no right ? If you put too much lipstick, you will look funny (err .... you will look like monkey backside!). Next time, when you grow up and go to work, you can put on make up like mummy, OK ??
then the next day and every now and then, she'll go :
little girls don't put lipstick, you see, I no put lipstick, I small girl, I no put lipstick, I cannot put lipstick, next time when I grow up already, I can put lipstick ok.
and she repeats and repeats and repeats.. cheong hei nya..