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Friday, April 22, 2011

She turns 5 today !

Happy Birthday to my little girl.

Little baby no more, little girl she is. Into Disney princess, costumes, all things ballerina and pink, that's my little girl turning 5 today.

I have a confession, an admission actually. I've dreamed wanted to plan birthday parties for her.
1st birthday came and gone, then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th came and gone too. Year in year out, we've been having dinner with the in laws to celebrate her birthday, and I've still not planned a proper party for her.

Every year, I have the perfect excuse for not planning a proper birthday party and it does not help that hubs birthday falls a day after hers and he has his own agenda with his brothers too. That's a family thing and a tradition we won't stop.

The past few weeks have been hectic. One event after another. My bestie is back from London. Brother and family back for Easter holidays and we just came back from a family holiday at Langkawi last week.
Hubs has a new assignment in hand and he's packed with appointments.

Amidst the busy-ness, life's been good and I am thankful.

I wanted to plan a McDonald birthday party tomorrow for Amber since the cousins are in town but McD's party schedule doesn't agree with ours and all parties are in late afternoon and evenings coz afternoon's packed with McValue lunch crowd. So, McD's out !

Ding-dong-ding-dong here and there and I haven't planned a party for her but since my brother and his family was in town, we had dinner and a blow candle session yesterday. Photos to come up when the busy-ness tide is low.

She requested for Princess cupcakes and wants to share with her pallies at the childminders. I made a box but used them for last nights dinner with my brother. I didn't want to disappoint her.. made another batch, ran out of edible image, I tried the pack of pettinice icing. Big mistake. so messy and un-manageable. Anyone with experience on pettinice here ? hello ??  I cheated a little bit here and there and got together 2 box of cuppies. One for the childminders and a couple more for celebration dinner tonight with the grandparents here :

She made a birthday wish last night.. supposedly a secret but you know 5 year olds la..can't keep a secret. In less than 2 seconds.. she whispered her wishes to me. She wants a scooter for her bday and a yoyo car for her 6th birthday. Very smart ! I can't think of anyone else who'll wish for next birthdays.. aiyer.. this little girl is too smart for her own good. I whispered back.. why don't you wish the opposite ? A yoyo car for 5 year old and a scooter for your 6 year old birthday ??

.. and that's because we have a yoyo car in our garage to surprise her tonight *sniggers*

And there's the pressies.. so many pressies for her. From my friends, her friends, beautiful dressess from my sister in law, her cousins and a big parcel arrived from Perth yesterday. There's a princess pink 'gown' in it and she wants to wear it tonight.

She's loved, my girl !

Although we're only having a simple celebration with the family tonight, the kind and warm thoughts from friends and family, near and far fills her birthday with many wonderful memories !

Happy Birthday my little Amber ! Please please be good and not drive mummy up the wall anymore k ?

Muaks !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Ms Loyarburok

She's getting more clever in her choice of words (alas.. still cannot read) but when it comes to arguments, she'll always want to have the last say.. and this, she takes after me.  :(

At the class trip to Dominos Pizza's, teacher asked the kids to wash their hands after the so called 'pizza making demo', which was, in fact, just slathering  some tomato paste and sprinkling some cheese on pizza dough. So, if you wanna know how a trip to 'pizza parlour' is like, this is it. Barb, do take note !

The kids were instructed to wash hands after the demo as there'll be pizza served..
Only one basin available and kids had to line up to wash hands. My Amber.. barged in to the front and washed her hands, annoying other kids.. and some kids even gave me the disapproving look. I told her nicely that she had to queue up.

Now, let's get back to what I wanted to talk about today.

She came back from school yesterday and brought up the subject of 'Jump Queue'.. they learnt the meaning of jump queue and  why it's rude and bad manners..
AHA ! So I thought ! I brought up the incident at Domino's and asked her if she remember.

First, she denied she was jumping queue, then she came up with all sorts of reasons justifying her actions.. she even said jumping queue is when you push everyone away, one by one but at Domino's there was a space by the sink for her to stand.

She said : No lah ! I didn't jump queue .. I CUT IN only !

ohhhhh myyyy gawwdddd  !!!!! hubs and I broke out laughing..

Well said Amber, well said ! CUT IN means JUMPING QUEUE !

It's the same.....

sigh, this 5 year old has potential to be loyarburok !!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can Human Eat Dog Food ?

What would you say if your 5 year old asked you ?

Can Human Eat Dog Food ?

Hubs snapped NO ! Cannot !
For obvious reasons.. and you know 5 year olds can be very inquisitive and curiosity did kill the cat.
I was doing the dishes, hubs was tapping on his mobile phone when she asked.

She asked again :   I dog can eat human food why human cannot eat dog food ?

I knew I had to give a better answer than a NO !

Hubs explained that dog food does not have enough nutrition etc.. and I know it's not true. A can of dog food can be more expensive than luncheon meat, depending on which brand of luncheon meat but we love Tulip and that's expensive.

I gave a very simple answer : dog food is very yucky and no humans would want to eat it.

She later told me : I asked because I saw Chiro eating human food.

*case closed*

Chiro is my cousins pekingese pup and eats from their plates :D
I googled today and got the answers here ..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Class Trip to Dominos Pizza and Balai Bomba

So, did we have fun ? You bet !!

The school left in 2 buses to Dominos Pizza at Dataran Sunway and Mid Valley. They had to split to 2 locations as one pizza place is not big enough to house the kindie. We left on a rainy morning and jammed all the way to Dataran Sunway. Kids got restless in the bus and we have to thank the organizers to come up with games and trivias to keep the preschoolers occupied.

When we reached Dominos.. there was a couple of not-very-cheerful staff who showed us how to make pizza. I think they can do better, use a mike or make the whole event more cheery.. Kids were given a short tour of the kitchen and had a hand in helping make the pizza and bread twist.
 Then, makan time (probably the highlight of the trip). Amber had rice crackers and coke. I allowed her coke on this occasion and I had her pizza instead. I felt so embarassed when she asked why I took 2 slice of pizza ? (ok. ok.. I admit.. I am HUNGRY !! It's almost 10am and I hadn't had breakfast) when everyone took 1 slice. Said loudly and asked me not to waste and take one is enough !!!.. so wanna spank her quiet   this girl.. she can really talk.. at the most un appropriate time.. LOLOL.. but nothings stopping me from having hot pizza topped with melting cheese and there's more than enough to go around.
 We left Dominos with a full tummy and caught up with the other bus at the Taman Tun Fire Station. Now, the trip gets interesting.

The kids were taken for a tour to the control station where calls are received asking for help. Accordingly, the fire station handles more non-fire emergency calls than actual fire. These men are called for when there's an accident, disasters - big or small, rescue works and the most common are snake calls. Apparently, they get quite many calls to catch snakes around PJ area.
 They did  a demo on how a car accident rescue work is carried out. A thick ballon is inflated..
 the kids watch intently
and the kids sat on the balloon to test the sturdiness.
 Very steady and tough and if I'm not wrong, can take up to 20tonnes or more of weight. This balloon is used to move accident victims pinned inside cars.

Each kids gets to wear the bomba suit. Very heavy as it's fire retardant (obviously!!!) and layered with water inside.
 Then they get to ride on the fire truck, with sirens on.. Mr Bomba was so kind to take them for a round around the fire station. The teachers and parents went for a round too. It was fun  :D
 and then...... it  gets more FUN !!!!

she gets to have a hand at the bomba hose !!!

 Look Mommy !!!!

UWAHHHH !!!! I wanted to do this too... but too malu to ask Mr Bomba !! 

Before we left, we took class photos with all the nice Mr Bomba's who made the trip memorable and fun for us !