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Friday, April 10, 2009

Xiao Tien's little family

Amber shares her bed with Xiao Tien and Xiao Tien's family. Here's the one big happy family, appointed by Amber.
Doraemon is XT's Papa, the big fat pink teddy bear (last year's bday gift from bil) is Mama and the blue penguin is XT's jie jie.. One big happy family hor ?
She's so adorable when she talks to XT every night :
when she sleeps on my bed, attached to her's, she'll say :
Xiao Tien, not scared ok ? your mama is with you.
Xiao Tien, you want blanket or not ?
Xiao Tien, nah,, I give you small bolster ok ?
Xiao Tien, you oi oi there ah... you oi oi with your Mama, I oi oi with my Mama ok ?
then she will start the ritual of putting the whole XT's family to sleep .. omg.. by the time she's done, I'm in la la land already!
and when she finally falls asleep, I will dump all the soft toys to the floor except for XT. Her tiny cot cannot fit another family of 4 right ?
Frankly, I am not even sure if Xiao Tien (her gossig spaniel from Ikea) is a 'girl' or 'boy', must make a note to check with her tomorrow.