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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amber kena 'sebat'

Amber's speech has improved tremendously over the past few months. She can talk to us about anything. This incident took place 2 nights ago.

Papa, I want to wash the milk bottle.

She loves playing with water and this little helper is no help at the kitchen. Washing anything means : 1) getting herself all wet 2) getting the kitchen sink and surrounding area all wet and 3) waste water .. and lots too. I've admit I let her 'play water' when I need to get things done , like when I'm baking and want her out of the way.

Papa : Cannot ! Cannot play water

Mama say can wor ..

Hubs was very sure she did not ask me and very sure I will now allow.

Papa : ???? Are you sure Mama say can ?

Yes, Mama say can..

then hubs confronted her eye to eye. The little fart knew she had it this time.

Papa : Amber, you cannot bluff. Papa know you are bluffing. Mama, did Amber ask you ?

Me : NO... (although pity the fart but she needs to be taught a lesson)

Papa : Why did you bluff ? Naughty children bluff. Next time police will catch you if you bluff. Guanyin Ma will know if you bluff and not love you.

Papa : Next time cannot bluff. "piak" her buttocks


Hubs "piak" another buttock, at least 3-4 times

WAHHHHHHHHH!!! WAAHHHHHHH !! tears rolling down like 'waterfall'

Papa : What must you say ?

sorry .. next time I cannot bluff. I cannot be naughty girl.

I felt sorry for the girl,but discipline is discipline. Hubs heart ached after whacking her but he wants to nip to problem at it's bud, otherwise telling a lie, nomatter how small will become a habit.

We gave her the cold treatment, even Mama did not go to her rescue. However after 15 minutes, we sayang her back and make her repeat again that she is NOT to bluff.