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Friday, March 20, 2009

Her favourite places

Her favourite kai kai place, next to the amusement rides at shopping centers, is the hardware shop. Hubs was at Ace Hardware getting some spare parts and the little one had lots of fun messing around. Me, I was just too tired to run after her with don't touch this and that. Aiya, let her have some fun as long as it's safe lah.

Wah so many keychains to choose from, and standing on the aisle pedestal for a better view.

Amber 'cooking'. See her shirt ? "Big Trouble in Little Shirt"

Next, she decides to paint the floor.

Not happy with the previous brushes, she decides to go for a bigger one. Naughty, naughty !

I'm sure there are some parents who are like me, guilty of letting their children off with ransacking the whole store and not buying those items. I do it for a moment of peace and to also see her have some fun but I make sure the items taken are not spoilt and placed back to their respective aisles.