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Monday, March 9, 2009

Curry Laksa and Wantan Mee - Cheras

Discovered a new laksa haunt on Saturday evening at Taman Sri Bahagia , Cheras. Coming from Taman Len Seng, pass Bukit Cheras and The Peak @ Cheras, right at the junction turning in to Taman Sri Bahagia on the left, there's plenty of fruit stall and one stands out right under a big tree selling noodles. It's right opposite the old PC Chai coffeeshop and pasar malam on Saturdays.

Prices of the food. small, medium, big.

My BIL highly recommends this place and the evening we went was just perfect, slight drizzle and cooling, an evening that's perfect for curry laksa.

I had the laksa and hubs had the wantan mee. He's very particular about his wantan mee and he gives a thumbs up for this. Plenty of home made char siew (sweet and succulent) and topped with mince pork. My laksa was yummy yum yum, lots of taupok, cockles, 2 piece of wat kai (steamed chicken) and long beans. I would think it's very cheap for just RM4.50. I stopped myself short of slurping every single drop of soup because of my sore throat and cough. Otherwise I would sapu everything.

Each piece of sui kao has 1 big prawn

Wantan mee, plenty of minced meat and char siew

Curry laksa, filled with generous garnishings
The laksa is so hot selling, they need to replenish the soup every 2 hours, soup is boiled on the spot from their homemade laksa sambal, coconut milk, rock sugar, salt and A1 curry chicken paste. I actually stood to watch how they make the soup but the secret recipe lies in their home made curry paste, that one I cannot tau see .. hmmph..

There's no name to this outlet but the owner said they are known as the Tai Shee Tau (big tree) @ Sri Bahagia. Open from noon - 10pm, closed on Mondays. Call 019-2074638 to check availability.