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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Apa pun tak jadi

Our way in to Thai fish farm - Jalan Hulu Langat. No nice food to show, just traffic, traffic and more traffic.

Over the weekend, many of our plans were foiled. Sunday evening, we wanted to go to a fish/vege farm at Hulu Langat, about 15 mins drive from my father's house. I've heard about this place from a friend and googled for directions. It's a minute away from the Ampang Lookout Point at Jalan Hulu Langat-Ampang. Our Garmin nuvi did not register this address but the road was labeled as B62.

I called on my way there to make a booking only to be greeted by : come lah come lah, no need to book lah. Off we went on a very very hot early Sunday evening. Was told to get there early as there's no streelights on the way in. The place is quite easy to locate but hard to get IN. Immediate exit after the Lookout point and it's another 5 minutes drive on a rocky terrain but surprise surprise, while navigating ourselves in, many cars were coming out, a kind man on the way out told us "PAU PANG ! PAU PANG !" (full house). So boh kam muan, we still made our way in, and finally reached the place. It's actually a fish farm own by locals but ran by Thais.

The place was packed! I never thought such out of nowhere place would be packed.
No place to park and worst, you could be stuck in a gridlock of parked car, incoming and outgoing cars all stuck on a narrow lane of rocky terrain. No doubt the place is very nice and inviting, I'll be smarter the next time around and avoid it on weekend evenings.

Really boh kam muan, I shall be back on another day for lunch or perhaps a weekend lunch.

On Sunday morning, we planned to bring Amber to Bird Park at Lake Gardens. Again, tak jadi, sky was dark and we didn't want to risk paying for admittance fee and getting caught in the rain.
Amber kept grumbling:

ai kee Bird Park ah... ai kee Bird Park.. ai kua bird ah.. (wanna go Bird Park, wanna see bird)

Luckily we suggested Ikea and she changed her mind, sing a different song.

ai kee Ikea ah...

Lucky she didn't ngam ngam cham cham Bird Park anymore ... lol...

So, now I have 2 items on my to-do list. Bird Park and Thai Fish Farm ..