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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Electric Eyebrow Trimmers

My best friend Ee Leen knows me too well. I can leave home without makeup but not without grooming my sparse eyebrows. I'm tempted to try the new eyebrow 'embroidery' techniques but very afraid it'll not look natural on me and moreover I heard it cost more to remove than to do the embroidery.

Came across this interesting eyebrow trimmer from Watsons y'day. Retail at RM19.90 but now on offer at RM12.90. Was a bit skeptical but what can I lose with RM12.90 ??

It works !

Now, I can painlessly groom by brows with the battery operated trimmers. It comes with a comb (for long or short trim) and a brush to remove trimmed hair, just like shavers.

Be careful not to overtrim though, or else end up with 'no eyebrows' .. hahaha..