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Monday, March 2, 2009

Lousy cough

I hate coughs, especially the irratating itchy itchy ones. Those unproductive ones that makes you cough hysterically and no amount of coughing can relief the itchiness. Some attacks can be so bad I accidentally pee while coughing.

Haven't been sleeping well lately. Everytime I lay down and close my eyes, my throats starts itching again and there goes another episode of coughing my throat down and waking up hubs and Amber. She's been coughing real bad too, must have got it from me ! I'm keeping her under control with Rhinatoil Prometazine.

My remedy was a Chinese doctor in Pandan Jaya but this time, his medication did not work despite consulting him twice (some more, he raised his price to double, claiming imported chinese drugs are expensive ... yada yada yada).

A pharmacist once recommended me Silomat, anti-tussive, non alcoholic, sugar free cough syrup from Germany but the product has been recalled from the market since 2007. Jialat ! how to find a solution now ?

Eldest sis gave me some home grown ginger, will try to double boil with rock sugar tonight. It's supposedly hot and fiery enough to 'kill' the itchiness on the throat. Will try it tonight.