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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remedy for cough ?

I'm still feeling under the weather and my cough has not improved. I had a heavy Nasi Kandar Pelita for lunch y'day and the spice and chilly kinda eased the throat itchiness but when I had fruits (guava and pomelo), the itch came back with a vengeance. No wonder they say to avoid fruits or cold drinks whenever we have a cough. When I lay down to sleep, it just gets worst. I was coughing till 2am last night and I had enough. Packed my bolster and head to the attached study room, no aircond and finally fell asleep.

Many friends have given me alternative solutions to my cough :

A colleague of passed the above plant to me. Looks like mint but the leaves are thicker and furry. Smells a bit like mint & cumin seeds. Grows easily and I only need to cut a few leaves and boil with rock sugar. My Cambodian maid told me they eat these leaves back home, raw with fried pork. Since it propogates easily, I've asked my maid to place in a few pots and if she wants, she can pluck and eat. I'm going to try drinking the boiled leaves tonight for a few nights and see the effect. Anyone knows the name of this plant ?

Other recommendations :
- boil 'kat peang' (candied mandarin orange) with nang hang pak hang (chinese almonds) and mint and drink the concoction
- fry ginger with egg & sesame oil. add a bowl of water, boil it up and drink the soup.
- double boil old ginger and rock sugar.

I'm going to try each of the method above until I get rid of my cough.

When I was pregnant with Amber, around the 5th month, I had the same cough attack and was coughing for a month. I could not take most of the OTC cough syrups and tried all sorts of alternative remedy and finally killed down the cough with double boiled 'toong choong choe' cordyceps and ginger but cordyceps are soooo expensive now, I hope at least one of the method above works for me.