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Friday, March 6, 2009

Afraid of my maid ?

She's driving me nuts again. Reaching home quite late recently and I only see her for an hour or two and yet... she drives me up the wall.

2 days ago, during dinner:

Mam, rice finish already

Me : OK, will buy some more, I continue eating before pausing to ask how much left ?

1 cup

AARRGHHH !!!!!!!!! why didn't you tell me earlier? I just came back from the supermarket ! Why did you wait till last minute ? What to eat tomorrow ? Ask her what to buy when I'm in supermarket, she only wants sanitary napkins and sausages for herself. I tell you, damn frus ! @#$%@#$ It was already almost 10pm coz we were caught in the massive jam in town due to the heavy rainfall. Where to find rice ???

Her face instantly turned 'black'.

Yesterday again, I chided her for not changing the water in of the water lily plants for 1 wk, it stinks like s**t and for leaving my plants in the rain when I specifically told her certain plants cannot get wet.

Her face turned 'black' and didn't want to answer my questions.

I asked her to feed Amber and egg and she just stands there staring at the egg, waiting for Amber to eat the egg and create a mess.

Got so fed up, i told hubs, her face 'blacker' than the lor bak.

Very sien sei, I'm very frus coz I have to pay her, feed her, clothe her and yet cannot take simple instructions. She's alone at home everyday, just do housework for the 3 of us and does not need to take care of children and no pets to handle. Is it so wrong to correct her and tell her ?
Say too much also afraid i might end up with a severed ear or ribs broken. In fact, I hid my newspapers when they published the news of the maid slaughtering the Penang housewife.

I don't want to give her ideas. Am afraid, am very afraid... sigh.. scold also cannot, say also cannot..