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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Random Ramblings

I never have issue with Amber's speech, despite not attending kindie school yet but have to bear with her is lah, mah and lor's which I hope she will outgrow.

These days, she'll pick vocab from adults speech and use the words in her own way. I'll correct her if she's wrong.

Just the other day, she gave me some chocolates :
Me : Amber, why don't you want to eat the chocolates ?
A : I give you because I love you mah !

When she shares her Strawberry Shortcake body bath with me :
A : Nah mama, I give you some. I give you because I love you mah !
Nobody can touch her Strawberry Shortcake body bath.. smells so strawberry and mmmm...

Evey mornings are a rush to get her ready to the caregivers.
Me : Amber, hurry up, late already ! 8 o'clock ! very late !
A : Late ah ? looks up to the clouds .. dark ah ? no.. not dark wor ?
lol.. she associates late with night time.

Evenings, getting her to bed is one looong procedure.
A : Siaw Tien, you sleep here .. places ST on my side of the bed
Siaw Tien's mama, nah,, you sleep there .. places the big pink teddy bear (aka ST's mama)
next to ST
and she'll place her 3 bolsters and 2 pillow on our bed,leaving her own bed empty !
Me: You took my place, where is Mama sleeping ?
A : You, you, make work, there go to the room (points study room) and make work there.
use computer and draw A , I, 1, 3, 4, 5 (she's refering to the keyboard)
lol... I corrected her :
make a cake or cookie is 'baking' but 'working' is not make work !

When I chide the maid or speak on a louder tone.
A : Kakak, so naughty !

Once I was watching tv and my maid was at the garden, peeps in with her hands hanging on the grills (god knows why she loves to pose with her hands up hanging on the grills)
A: Mama, why you don't let kakak in ah ? Kakak naughty ah ?

Another occasion, she does not want to sit on the table to finish her dinner. She holds the bowl and scoops the rice.
Me : Amber, don't eat like that ! You'll spill your rice all over the floor. Eat with your bowl on the table
A : Nooo ! Cannot ! Very difficult !
Well, she's right, with her height, it's quite impossible to eat with comfort sitting on our chair and dining table.

I accidentally used hub's toothbrush. His is always green and mine's purple or any other color
A: Mama, why you use green ? Your one is purple ! You use papa's one !
So, a few occasions, while brushing teeth, she'll repeat like an old tape recorder
A: Mama, you use purple ah, don't use green. Green is papa's one. Use purple okay ?

I want to note her ramblings down before she grows up and speaks like an adult.