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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ching Ming

Last year we were caught in a traffic deadlock on our way for Ching Ming prayers and this year we decided to start our little adventure early. Left sis place at 6.15am and took the hilly way up, via Hulu Langat to Semenyih. It was a dark drive, not many cars and misty all the way up, just like in Genting Highlands but minus the streetlights.

Arrived early, no traffic and parking problems too. Just in time to view the beautiful sunrise from mom's resting place. It was an easy and pleasant trip and we were home by 9am.

beautiful sunrise from mom's resting place
Mom left us 15 years ago and brother, 13 years ago. Both left in a sudden with no warnings. I was the last to see mom alive before she was wheeled to ICU and never came out alive. I was the first to discover bro's passing. Both sad moments remains etched in my memory forever.

When mom passed away, I kept having recurring dreams of her and it was always a sad one. As years go by, she was more and more distant in my dreams. I take it that she has left for good and her soul has finally rested in peace.

She has left many good teachings behind and being a mom and wife now, I fully understand the meaning of her actions and words of wisdoms. She is simple woman with simple needs and truly loved and missed by relatives, friends and acquaintance alike. In the recent years after her passing, friends and acquaintance in the market keep telling me what a nice woman she was and how shocked they were to hear the news.

Being the youngest child and my mom had a lot of time for me. I share with her my work, friends and problem and she'll always give me her advise on any problems I face. Thinking of of those sweet memories always ends up with tears in my eyes for I still miss her very much. The what-if's are never ending (what if she's still alive, what if there was no traffic jam and she made it to the hospital in time, what if the doctor did not pull her off the ventilator ?). Her passing left a big void in our hearts and till today, we are still trying to fill up the void.

It was very tragic to have lost 2 family members in such a short span of time but it made the rest of us appreciate and treasure each other more. Like someone once told me, it's god's will along with fate and affinity that we have each other as family members (cho tak yat kar yan, hai yuen fuen)
A lot of people take for granted their moms. I envy my friends and cousins who have moms to care and concern for them for a mother's love is undying and unconditional. So, for those who still have a mother, treasure her for she will leave us one day, don't wait till it's too late.