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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Social Bird

We attended my cousin's wedding dinner last Saturday and what is Amber to do in a 3 hour dinner ? Find some fun of course. Little children, especially mine are not known to sit still, what more for a couple of hours.

She walked around, disturbing the bride and groom, danced on stage (alone and no one paid attention to her), sing karaoke -luckily no karaoke videos and the microphone was in 'off' mode and when the bride and groom did the toasting session with yum seng - Amber also yum seng along the stage was full of confettis.

So, my social bird went on stage, on all fours and had fun with confettis strewn on the floor. Me ?? I'm enjoying my dinner, 'mou ngan tai'. Last thing I want to do is be like a mad screaming mom, goingo on stage and get her to come down (which she would turn a deaf ear to!)

wah, so colorful and nice. hehehe..

mama, see ??? colorful wor...

then, Rachel cheh cheh join the fun

then more kids went on stage to sweep up the confettis. I'm sure they were bored while the adults were chit chatting and eating.

So, how many moms would have done like I did and let their kids run wild. Some may say I do not jaga my kid properly and get her to behave but to me it's harmless fun lah.. Can't expect to see me chasing her on stage right ??