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Monday, March 2, 2009

Amber's weekend

Last night we went Jusco to get some new panties for Amber. I'm very particular about her panties, they must be fitting right and does not 'chau kong' when she wears skirt as my little daughter is not very graceful. She's off diapers now and the previous Pooh and Disney undies way bit too roomy and loose. I like J-Kids brands best. RM10 for 5 and fitting too !

I was also hunting for my Gardenia Butterscotch but was sold out again (tried Giant, 7-11 and sundry shops, all SOLD OUT!)

Everytime we go toilet, she'll insist on the following hand washing routine :
-pump soap
-make lather
-rinse hand, must rinse till clean clean
-dry hands with blower.

Seems like an ordinary task right ? NOT SO, when you have to carry her to do all of the above and mind the shoppings and handbag, and I hate those washing taps that you to press real hard for water flow, how can I press and carry her at the same time ? Sudah press, I carry her, water flow stop, then I press again, carry her, water stop again. Aarrghh .. my legs and backbone also senget !

Above was taken at Jusco's toilet. I appreciate their mini wc for children, all I have to do is press the water and even have time to take snap a picture of my precious!

Miss Strawberry Shortcake. I wonder... why they made the hole for the face so big ? Anyway, she had fun.