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Monday, March 23, 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do

My ex-colleague from Singapore visited us last week. Her husband was on a business trip to KL and they extended for the weekend. I managed to catch up with her one evening for dinner and supper. Both of us has interest in good hawker food and we started the evening with a visit to my new home and later to Hokkien Mee and Jalan Maharajalela (another occasion where my thoughts were feasting on the hokkien chau meen, forgot to take picture to blog).

She has a lovely daughter Renee, 5 months older than Amber, and they both have a lot in common :
- left hander by instinct, unless corrected
-double twist/turns on their head ( I dunno about Renee but Amber is stubborn and garang)

The 2 girls got along very well, they don't even need to talk to have fun. You know how kids are like when they have fun, they just laugh over anything and everything and imitate each other. You laugh, I laugh ! You jump, I jump ! Monkey see, monkey do.

Renee brought a lollipop for Amber. One for you, one for me.

Both have hokkien mee sauce all over their mouth

Street dancing at Lorong Pudu !! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun !

this a video of them dancing somewhere in Jalan Pudu, while we were having the best supper tong sui in town. Yes, we were terrible, stuffed full with fried hokkien noodles, fried white cakes, fried sotong, loh meen and we still had room for black glutinous rice soup, red bean soup and a host of kuihs.

After supper, we sent them back to Traders Hotel. I told Amber, she's to stay the night with uncle, aunty and cheh-cheh and go back Singapore with them. Papa & Mama will go home. I wanted to test her independence. I told hubs, she'll surely cry for us after alighting from the car but no sign, she just followed friends hubs into the hotel not turning around to look for us at all. Alamaks ! That's my daughter. One minute later my friend sms me : AMBER SAID BYE BYE MOMMY ! sei mou ???

We had to park our car and coax her back home with us. I think I'd better keep a closer watch on her. I am worried if she leaves home for studies in future, she will not miss papa or mama but me and hubs will be pining sick for our only child.