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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Teaching Amber to read

I try to read to Amber every night, that is if I'm not already too tired.
She knows her A-Z around 18 months but did not progress much beyond that. I'm not sending her to kindie as yet, so I should make more effort to teach her on my own. As of now, she can read the word SALE (because we take her out shopping with us so often and that's the easiest word to teach S-A-L-E SALE !!) and MILO. That's about it.
I started her with Ladybird's Peter and Jane series (1a,1b,1c and 2a,2b,2c) but she gets impatient and before I could reach half of book 1a, she'll take over the book :

Mama, I teach you ah... this one dog.. Jane is girl, Peter is boy

Wait, let mama finish the book ! I was pointing to the words and reading to her aloud.

NO ! I teach you lah !! (gets very impatient already)

and there goes another futile effort teaching her to recognize words, ended up with me being the 'student' instead.

I realised she's more into visuals and like to see pictures instead of recognizing continuos alphabets as words. So, I decided to put Peter and Jane aside and bought the following :

I find the pictures very attractive and for a start, I shall not go through each word with her. I'll start by telling her the story with reference to the pictures.

Tonight I shall start with 3 Little Pigs .