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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My personal masseur

I slather aqua cream all over Amber every bath time and evenings. She has eczema and needs continuos aqua cream applications to tame and reduce flare ups. Once in a while she'll ask me to massage her legs and feet, something I really enjoy doing with her.

My hardwork has paid off, not only is her skin smooth, she has acquired the skills to massage us. She enjoys giving papa and mama a massage during bedtime. Tell me, am I a terrible mum or not ?

Here's a video of her massaging hubs legs and she even said :

When papa mama are old, I massage for you everyday ok ?

Very touching and I only hope she understands what she's saying.. hahaha..

Those moments of her massaging us really touches our heart and hubs and I felt so blessed to have her as our little girl. Although my girl can be demanding, stubborn and hardheaded, we know deep down inside she loves papa and mama very much.