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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tonic soup

After almost a month of coughing, I had dizzy spells therefore I went to see a doctor. He said prolonged coughing can affect our blood circulation make us feel dizzy. He gave me a round of antibiotics and anti-emetic pills and I feel much better now. Hubs been pestering me to see a doctor much earlier and asked me not to be my own doctor by prescribing my own medications and pills.

Now, to rejuvenate, I made this soup in the office : 6 red dates, 1tsp kei jee (chinese wolfberries) and few slices of ginseng. I slow cooked on 'high' for 2 hours and it's ready to drink. A nutritous healthy rejuvenating tonic.

Tonic concoction
Luckily we have a small office of our own, and we have a mini fridge, microwave and toaster, very convenient, almost like our second home. We have our breakfast in the office and sometimes home 'bento' for lunch (actually, leftovers from previous nights dinner)